Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Human Antenna

Our family is a huge Deal or No Deal fan! It's really one of the only shows we watch on TV. We don't have cable so our stations are fuzzy a lot of time. Usually Joey or Randy can mess with the antenna and get it watchable. It doesn't really bother us because like I said, we don't watch a lot of TV. Well, last night I was feeding Miles, Randy was holding Melody and the TV needed to be fixed so we could watch Deal or No Deal. I couldn't get up and Randy didn't want to get up so he told Jocie to go stand by the TV for a second to see if it cleared up. It did, but only for a second so he had Jocie go over by the TV again and it straightened up nicely. Jocie stood there for a minute and then said, "Hey, that's weird. I think I have skills."

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JesusFreak said...

Heck yes she has skills! I just love Jocie and all her odd little comments (especially about her nipples, wait that sounded really creepy...just forget it)