Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jocie is so Mature These Days.

This morning I picked out a shirt for Jocie to wear to Mother's Day Out. When she put the shirt on she said, "This is too big for me." I looked at the shirt and I told her it looked fine. She thought it was too low cut. It was lower on her chest than her other shirts but I thought it was just fine. Well, I was making breakfast and she came in and said, "Look at this shirt. It's too big for me." Again, I told her it was fine and that it matched her pants so I sent her on her way. Then, I was signing the boy's folders when she came in and said, "The kids are going to laugh at me!" Finally, I told her that I would get her a new shirt. I went with her to her room and handed her a pink sweater. She put it on and said, "Good. This one doesn't show my nipples. I don't like shirts that show my nipples." She was so cute and serious! I will remind her in a few years that she doesn't like shirts that show her nipples.

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