Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Test Results

The test went great yesterday. You're right Jennifer. I get to do lots of cool things. This was one of the neater ones. I took Miles to the test which was in the Radiology department. They stuffed me into this little space with huge machines on both sides of me. They squished the machines on me so they could get as close to Miles as possible. I had a heavy X-Ray vest on my body, and a X-ray throat choker and I was holding Miles. I could not submit to the claustrophobia that was trying to attack me. I just stayed focus.
There was a man in front of Miles and it was his job to spoon food Miles and to give him a bottle. This man was so kind and gentle. He had a quiet and nice spirit and it put me at ease. They had a tray of food sent from the cafeteria for Miles. It had cottage cheese, pear sauce, chocolate pudding, crumbled hamburger meat, mashed potatoes and a hunk of chicken. I told the guy to stick to the potatoes. He put the Barium in the food and the bottle so the food could be seen on the X-ray video. Quickly the doctor said that his swallow was great and that was the end of the test.
After I got out of the hole they put me in I asked the guy to show me the video. He was so nice. He showed me the video and explained how everything works when you swallow. It was so awesome! I could see Miles whole skeleton from the top of the head to his shoulder in video form. He looked so adorable. I could see his cute little nose and his teeth. It was amazing to see the food work around in his jaw and then move down his throat. It had a cool motion to it. That guy kept rewinding and the playing it again for me. I guess he was amused at my amazement. I was very pleased with his explanations.
I'm so glad the test went well. The only problem is that we still don't know what is causing Miles to reject his food like he does. The technician said the problem is probably lower down in the esophagus or the lower stomach. But, like Randy said, "At least we know there is one thing not wrong with Miles. He can swallow."
It was nice to leave an appointment where everything was normal.

Today a dietitian came over to talk about Miles weight and food with me. He weighs 19 pounds and he is 29 and a half inches long. He's under the 5th percentile for his weight and height. His weight wasn't even on the chart for a 2 year old. He's a small little boy. That shocks me. I thought he was super tall, but I guess because he's so skinny he looks taller than he is. The dietitian said we need to have the goal of him gaining 5 pounds and she didn't give me help on how to get there. I looked back at his baby book and he has been 19 pounds since he was 9 months old. He's just grown taller. So, pray that the Lord will give him a healthy 5 more pounds. I asked Miles if he would take donations, but he didn't answer me.


the_a_team said...

In case Miles decides he does want to accept donations, I have plenty to share with him. I don't mind at all really! Just call and the girls and I will walk over, no maybe we'll just drive over. I hate to make him wait!

High in Demand said...

If anyone is donating the pounds I think I have first dibs!

Carolyn said...

yippee! good news! i've got some pounds to spare too!!!

Pamelotta said...

Come on people! 5 lbs? I love Miles, but if I donated all the weight I wanted to get rid of, Miles would have some other problems to deal with!!!