Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chef Randy

I had to share this with you. This morning I've been working on getting my BFW talk ready since I have to turn it tomorrow. Randy doesn't ever cook, but to be a supportive sweetie of my work he decided to make lunch today for our tribe. It's snowing so I guess the option of running to McDoanlds was out. I was working away and wonderful smells started filling the house. By the time I was called to lunch by little Mella I was hungry! When I saw the table full of food my eyes were ovrewhelmed with the feast set before us. He must have decided that it was "LeftOver Day!" He warmed most of it up from the refrigerator, but he did cook a few of the things. Listen to what we had.
*8 Fish Fillets (he cooked them)
*2 Steaks
*Gourmet Salad leftover from Life Group
*Serving for 12 of Mashed Potatoes (he made this one)
*Roast Beef with muchshrooms (my Mom made it for LG) It was kind of a meat gravy
*2 Pieces of Dominoes Pizza
*2 Spicy Buffalo Wings
*Orange Juice

We threw away more than we ate. Everyone kind of had their pick of what they wanted. I laughed and laughed about how much food there was. It really was enough food for three meals for us. 3x7=21. Twenty one servings for on Saturday lunch. Anyway, it was sweet and I was thankful. I just wanted to share that. Now I must get back to work! If you read this today please pray for me and the other women trying to get their talks ready to turn in tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and after lunch I had to read a chapter to Joey from his Issac Newton book. That was so interesting! I've got to read the rest of that book before we turn it back into the library! It was so captivating!


Bloomin' Cactus said...

What a feast!!!

Ashlee said...

That is A LOT of food!