Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Stuff

I don't have a ton of time to post anything too profound but I have a few things to say.

1. I am loving my nose ring! I've got so many compliments on it! It's been very easy to take care of. Jocie wants one. My boys love it. Randy really likes it! I'm glad I did it.

2. Monday night I decided to grill some hotdogs for dinner. I don't usually do that so it was kind of a big deal. I had already turned the grill on when I was in the kitchen getting stuff together when Melody came running to me and said, "Are you cooking hotdogs?" I said yes. Then she said, "ON DADDIES STOVE?"

3. I found out some WONDERFUL and EXCITING news about my LOVELY friend today!!!!!

4. I have had a cruddy cold this week. I do not like being sick!

5. Miles has been having seizures again. They had stopped and now they're back. I'm not sure what's up about that.

6. I'm working on teaching Jocie how to read. She's doing so great!

7. I have an amazing secret sister! I don't want to trade any time soon.

8. My brother in law and his family stayed with us a couple of weeks ago. Guess what? They are buying my mother in law the house two houses down from me. She has been in love with that house for a year now, and her son is buying it for her. I'm very excited about this! The contract was just accepted yesterday. This will be the nicest house she has ever lived in. I'm so happy for her!

That's all.


Bloomin' Cactus said...

I love your nose ring, too!!

Love the Poppa's Stove!!

Glad I was your good news today!!

I hate it when you're sick, too!! I missed coffee this morning!!

Yuck on the seizures.

Go Jocie! Go Jocie! Go!!

I know who your secret sister is -- ha ha ha!!

And I am SO EXTREMELY HAPPY that the house deal worked out!!! I am so happy for her!! You do have an amazing mother-in-law and she deserves that house!! And, what better thing for a son to do than buy his mom a house?!?! I love it!!

Francesca said...

I miss you :(

A life I live... said...

I love the nose ring too! You are so cute with it! Hey, we need to meet at Wal-Mart more often...I really enjoyed our 45 minute talk in the printer isle!