Sunday, April 29, 2007

All of your promises won't let go of me.

You may not be able to tell a difference in my typing today. This may just look like another ordinary post, but I assure you that it’s not. This is no ordinary writing or ordinary post. The very letters that you’re reading are typed on a promise given to me by the Lord. During a WOW meeting in January Becky asked two questions. She asked, “What is your promised land and how can I help get you there?” Those two questions have burned in me every since that night. I began to dream about what the Lord had planned for me from the very beginning.
On my way home from the meeting I felt like the Lord gave me a word. I pulled over to write it down because it felt so real. I felt like he told me that someone was going to give me a laptop…a nice one, and that I was to write an hour a day. I said okay and then I waited.
I thought it would happen soon. I guess waiting from January isn’t too long to wait. Believe me I’ve waited for things longer than that. I had thought once about just going out and buying one. We don’t use credit a whole lot, but one day Randy and I were laying down in bed and I mentioned to Randy that we could probably get an account at Best Buy and get one ourselves. Randy said, “Yeah, and I could go and have sex with your concubine and we could have a son that way.” I’m telling you…that was the best thing he could have said. In case you don’t know what I mean I’m talking about how God promised Abraham a son, but him and his wife decided that they figured out a way to help God along so Sarah offered up her concubine to Abraham so she could bear him a son. Well, that didn’t work out too well. It’s still not working out too well.
So I dropped it. When thoughts of a laptop would creep up I would just think about God’s promise to me and go about my day.
Well, I got a lovely phone call on Friday night with a man telling me that he was going to buy me a laptop. It was nice timing since I was actually at the hospital with Miles. It made my day a little better. It had previously been a really rough day. Since I was at the hospital I couldn’t go with him to pick one out.
The next day I got out of the hospital with Miles and I got to go and look at laptops. I was looking at them all and I was able to pick out what I wanted, but I had no idea which one was the one for me. I finally just told him to pick out the perfect one for me. I prayed and asked God to give me the one that was just right. I ended up getting the sweetest computer! Oh my gosh! It’s so so so nice. It was not cheap at all! Just like I believe the Lord told me…It’s a nice one. It has a 17 inch screen. Well, it’s basically the bomb. The screen is so clear and beautiful. He also bought me a cordless mouse and a flash port so I could keep my writing in two places. I’m so pumped! I prayed over the computer as soon as I got home. Randy and I worked on setting it up until 1:00 in the morning. We were both so excited.
I’m so grateful for such a generous man. I’m even more thankful for a fulfilled promise from the Lord. I woke up this morning with things to write about. I got up, went to the bathroom and wrote down my thoughts that awakened me. All the while I was thankful for the creativity that the Lord has given me.
Here’s something interesting and I’m thinking that it’s connected. When we were about to move into our house my husband really thought the Lord told him that Kathy Hawk was going to buy the bedroom furniture for us that we had picked out. Well, we waited for her to do so, and then Randy went ahead and talked to her about it. She got the info, but we didn’t hear anything from her. We didn’t move our old bedroom furniture to the new house. We just believed that we were going to get our furniture that we fell in love with. Well, we just kept on waiting and believing and all the while sleeping with our mattress on the floor. When another great thing that we were believing for…Miles being totally restored before the arrival of his ordered wheelchair arrived when that didn’t happen we were devastated. It was incredibly heart breaking. I think it’s the most hopeless and painful fog that I’ve ever been in. I was completely wrapped up in pain when I got a wonderful phone call from lovely Brenda telling me that the church was wanting to buy our bedroom furniture for us. Kathy had talked to the Elders of our church about buying it for us. That fulfilled promise of furniture broke off that hopelessness. It was amazing. Even now I like to pray in my bed because I feel closer to the Lord when I’m in it.
Anyway, what I was getting at is that I received the phone call about my laptop while Miles was in the hospital. It’s like the Lord has promised me tangible things that he has come through on to give me hope about my most desired promise that I’m still waiting on. He’s showing me how faithful he is to fulfill his promises.
I have received many perks while I’ve been waiting on the complete miracle of Miles’ healing. This laptop is another one of those wonderful perks. I just had to share this fantastic testimony with you.
Yay Jesus!


ericaprosser said...

Yay God! He overwhelms me over and over.

Francesca said...

Brandi,I am so excited for you. God is showing you again and again of His faithfulness. And don't forget how Randy's business debt was miraculously dealt with by the very month you had heard. YOU DO HEAR FROM GOD. Don't ever doubt it again. I can't wait to read all the amazing things you write on this blessing. And I can't wait for the ultimate gift of Miles' healing to manifest. These are all a type and a shadow pointing to that. I love you!!

A life I live... said...

Brandi---I can't tell you how much this raised my faith. Our testimony gives the power to do it again in others lives. My faith has been a little down because I know some promises that He has given to me, but have been in the dryest season ever. I know my God is good, but doubt and unbelief has tried to get me in every way possible. So, PRAISE THE LORD for your testimony and your gifts!! I'm so excited for you and KNOW that writing amazing books are in your near future! I love you so very much...and thanks for my meant so much to me!!

Bloomin' Cactus said...

I'm in total shock and amazement at how good God is!! That is awesome that He just keeps telling you over and over to just hang on to the faith that Miles is healed!! I'm so excited for you!! I love it!

JesusFreak said...

I just watched Facing the Giants this weekend (yeah, i'm a little behind in the movies department) and for some reason I just see a parallel between your life and that movie. When God saw them praising Him no matter what, win or lose, he saw just how deep their faith was and blessed them even further. Y'all do that, you praise God no matter what. Gold Star!!