Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funny for the Day.

Today in class Mrs. Brokaw was teaching her heart out during Bible time about the resurrection of Jesus. She reviewed the resurrection and then the responses of some of his followers. Today her main focus was the time he was on earth and then his ascension into heaven. That woman can tell stories about the Bible that even gets me mesmerized! She’s a great teacher of the word! Well, she was well into the story when a star student of hers (my precious daughter Jocie) raised her hand perfectly to ask a question. At the time that she did this I was not facing the class. I was organizing papers in another part of the classroom.
So, Mrs. Brokaw asked Jocie what she needed and Jocie asked, “Tan we tollow?” Mrs. Brokaw did not understand her so she asked Jocie to repeat the question. “Tan we tollow?” Jocie asked again. Again, she was asked to repeat herself. I understood what Jocie was asking, but I didn’t want to be “the mom” speaking for her daughter so I just let them work it out. Jocie wanted to know, “Can we color?” I guess she was tired of the story and she was ready to get onto the inevitable coloring.
Mrs. Brokaw heard something else. Mrs. Brokaw asked, “Can we tell others? Yes! Of course we can tell others! Did everyone hear what Jocie just asked? Can we tell others about Jesus!” Mrs. Brokaw was beaming with pride about her evangelistic student. Jocie beat her to the punch line of the lesson! Here she was talking about the last days of Jesus being on the earth. He was making sure that his disciples knew they were supposed to teach the world about him. That’s what the story was about, and her young pupil was moved by the story so much that she wanted to tell the world about him. Mrs. Brokaw went on and on about how they can talk to others about Jesus. She told them that they could tell everyone about Jesus. Then a little boy blurted out, “Mth, Brokaw, We canth tot to thrangors!” Mrs. Brokaw agreed but she assured them that they could talk to children on the play ground and their cousins.
So, here I was, not facing them, on purpose at this time. I was afraid that I would totally crack up! When Mrs. Brokaw finally went on to end the story I turned around to put papers away. When I did Jocie looked at me with a look that I’m sure was saying, “Did you see how that went down? I made out pretty well!” I giggled at her and we shared a little classroom secret. She was quite pleased with herself. I was pleased too. I was so glad that she didn’t burst Mrs. Brokaw’s bubble by clearly asking if she could color!


ericaprosser said...

funny story!

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Brenda M Becker said...

Private jokes are so fun.

Aaron & Rachel said...

That's so funny! Mrs. Brokaw is so quick!! I had a kid tell me that they couldn't talk to strangers and it threw me for a loop! I probably stumbled through the rest of the class trying to figure that one out! ;) I just love her!!