Friday, September 21, 2007

Wow...on a less depressing note...Man, I'm tired!

Well, that's not too cheery either.

Okay, how about...I'm so excited because it's my wonderful friends birthday! I am excited about that! I've got plans up my sleeve that have required me to think about her no less than 2,289 times this week! RACHEL, you're gonna love me! I adore you!


Aaron & Rachel said...

I cannot wait for my surprise!! That in itself should tell you something! I hate surprises, but I'm trusting you with this one!! ;) You have no idea how much I love you already. . I can't imagine loving you more!!! Is that really possible?!?! I guess we'll find out tonight! ;)

High in Demand said...

Well, It was ALL worth it! I'm so happy!