Friday, September 14, 2007

Only Six More Shopping Days!

My Dear Friend will be THIRTY in seven days. I will openly admit that she’s hard to shop for. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s picky or if it’s because of the pressure I feel when I’m trying to find a great gift for her. You see, she gives me the best presents ever that are dearest to my heart so I always feel in debt to her in the area of gifts. I don’t know how she does it but she comes up with the most perfect gift for me that I didn’t even know I wanted! This situation is quite troublesome for me because I’m known to be a great gift giver myself so it should come easy for me to find something for one of my most special friends.

If money was no object I would…

Sneak her off to New York for her birthday and we would stay in the nicest hotel with room service and on call massages.


I would take her to her favorite store Ikea and let her furnish her home with their wares.

I would pick up one…no two of every thing in Hobby Lobby, buy an air conditioned portable building and make her very own card making store in her backyard.

I would go to Lowe’s and set up an account where she could pick up whatever she needed for all her continuous projects and the bill would always be sent to me.

I would find her someone who would go through all the labor pains with Jaxon while she drank coffee at a local cafe, and after he was delivered she could just go pick him up…in her pre-pregnancy jeans of course!

I would loan her my husband for the whole month of October to build whatever she needed built for children’s church or home…handy man services only please!

I would pay to have her cloned so the clone could do all mundane or disgusting jobs that she has to do. The clone would do all cleaning, jobs that produce sweat, kid’s homework, anything that involves poop or throw up and take boring or complaining phone calls. Most importantly the clone will listen to ALL whining!

I would pre pay her college tuition at HSU and get babysitting for her kids while she gets her degree in criminal justice. Not to mention that I would buy her all the lawyer movies ever made and have them put on one single non-scratch-able DVD.

I would set it up where for every one hour that she spends on line looking up whatever it is that she looks up, $100 would be electronically deposited into her bank account.

Hey, I’m searching High and Low for the perfect gift for you…although the problem I keep coming up with is that money is an object! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Aaron & Rachel said...

Just the thought of all of those things is an excellent present!! WOW! I didn't know you knew me so well!! I would gladly take any of those thing any day!! And, although this sounds really cheesy. . . I'm just glad I have you as a friend!!!

Brenda M Becker said...

Your an awesome friend BW.