Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Say Cheese!

Picture three ladies, exactly 365 days ago, early in the morning sitting around a beautifully built kitchen table, chugging coffee while wishing that it could be intravenously shot right into the veins. Their own hair had not found a brush that day, but you can sure bet that all their kids had that morning because it was SCHOOL PICTURE DAY! The day had snuck up on them as if none of them had ever had a photo shoot before. They were unprepared for getting up early for extra fancy hair and even fancier clothing. More than that the women were not prepared for the fight to get their offspring into sweater vests or shoes without Velcro.
The ladies sat around for three hours trying to discuss various things, but the topic of the dreadful picture day could not stop itself from popping back up. The day was blacked out on their calendar. Declarations were made for better preparation for the following year. Vows were made to not fight with their kids the next year.

Fast Forward 365 days from then. Man, how time changes things. And yet, how some things time does not touch. The beautifully built table was left alone, undoubtedly disappointed for not getting the scoop firsthand. You see one of the three ladies now worked where the actual pictures were being taken so she could not debrief with her friends about the morning events.

Her morning was quite different than it was the previous year. Not only did she have to get herself and four of her children ready to have their picture taken, but she also was extremely involved with helping nine kindergartners get their picture taken. And, I assure you that wrestling, I mean managing nine kindergarteners while getting their picture taken is more work that can be told. For some reason five year olds that are about to get their photo taken are attracted to sand. They must play in it. Also, for some reason it’s harder than you usual to control oneself when you want to throw a football at a little girls head. Then, unbeknownst to her, she realized that her elder teacher was compulsive on picture day about brushing the children’s hair repeatedly. The lady was shocked at the number of times; with the same brush mind you that the kindergarteners were groomed by their teacher. After hours of picture taking, the first lady was sure that she had it easier the year before.

The other two ladies, although all details have not been reported, seemed to have a similar day to the one many moons ago. For instance, one of them found out their son had chicken pox. Then the other one, for some strange reason almost missed picture day all together because she thought that her son must have a hair cut BEFORE school! I wasn’t previously aware that it was even possible to get a hair cut before 8:00, but apparently someone was bribed to do it just in time for a great school year photo.

So, the ladies, although not together this morning, made it through another school picture day. The saga lives on.


Aaron & Rachel said...

I was a little sad that we weren't all around that beautifully built table this morning going on about how crazy our morning had been!! Mine this year was a little more relaxed BEFORE pictures, but was just crazy AFTER pictures!! I am curious to get the whole story on that "other lady" and the hair cut. I do know that she did it herself, which will probably make the story even funnier!!! ;)

Tim said...

Man, my world is a piece of cake! A walk in the park! The schiznits! Thank you for the reality check.

Tim said...

Man, my world is a piece of cake! A walk in the park! The schiznits! Thank you for the reality check.