Monday, September 03, 2007

The day has come!

THIS IS MY BIG DAY! (See last post!)

Please pray for me today that:
I'll be a quick learner.
That I will be a great helper.
The kids will love me.
I'll have lots of energy.
I will be a blessing to the school.
Jocie will do great with me in her class.
Melody loves Pre-K.
I'll still have plenty of time & energy for my family after work.
That I won't be nervous.
and...that I will have LOTS of fun!


Aaron & Rachel said...

You are going to do amazing!!! I think you're perfect for the job!! Yes and AMEN to all those things on your list!!! Have a great time!!

Talitha koum said...

You got it!

mccobbey said...

Keep us posted! We would love to hear all your adventurous as a working mom! :)

You're gonna do awesome with your obvious vibrant personality!

Ashlee said...

Have a great day!

Cherryberry said...

Praying for you to have agreat day and I know the kids will all adore you. As will all the staff.
You are meant to teach.