Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a Day!

I’m Semi-Speechless.

Today Randy and I got up and went to church like every Sunday. We got there early to greet the visitors. Nothing out of the ordinary happened except we were given our new Life Group Leader badges. We were looking very official in the hall. As we were waiting there to meet new people I shouted with joy (out loud) when my eyes saw Ray & Christy. I think it’s possible that Randy and I were the happiest to see them today. We have some history with them that goes back to our first year at KLF. Christy was a wonderful example to me of what a Godly mother was like. She loved people and both her and Ray knew the Word like no one I knew. Anyway, when they left our church my heart really hurt for a long time. Even recently I was talking to Randy about how much I would love it if they came back to our church. I had not seen them for years so when I did today I was filled with excitement! We ran over to them and hugged them and told them how happy we were to see them. I hope they stay.

So, anyway, Ray gave his incredible testimony about the miracle God did in his body. I was hanging on his every word…that is when I wasn’t laughing at his unique humor. I felt like I could have listened to him all day. Everything he said I could picture in my head. I’m so hungry to hear about real encounters of healing and the super natural.

Then Bryan got up to preach and I think it was the most powerful sermon I’ve ever heard him preach. Well, maybe the Easter sermon this year, but today was so good. It was full of passion and wisdom. He was talking about how we cannot be offended at God. I loved how he talked about Ray and when he wasn’t sure if he was going to live he asked his daughter to trust God if he lived or if he died. That was so powerful. Bryan was talking about how past disappointments cannot be a barrier between you and God. As he was talking about these things I was searching my heart to make sure that I was not offended at God about how long it has taken for Miles’ healing. I was feeling good inside but a part of me was worried that other people around me were concerned that I was holding up Miles’ healing because of my own heart. As I was praying and asking God if he was pleased with me in this area Bryan called us out and said that he was so pleased with us. In front of 300 people he said that if this was in Bible times that he thought that Randy and I would have been on the pages of the Bible. Oh my gosh, I broke. Something in me was released and affirmed. I really left there feeling 20 pounds lighter. Bryan was so kind to us and talked about how proud he was of us for going through what we’ve gone through with Miles and still chosen to love and serve God. I cried so hard. It felt so good.

Then, as if that wasn’t good enough…Brandon got up at the end of the service, mentioned us again and everyone gave us a standing ovation. Man, that was amazing! I felt so validated and loved. I loved seeing all the people who have stood with us during this whole time. Again, I was over whelmed with how loved and supported we are. Everyone goes through things that are hard. I don’t know of anyone who has as much love and support as we do when they’re going through it. Thankful doesn’t cover how blessed I feel by so many people.

I kept thinking today, “Wow, that was unexpected!” I mean, who in the world gets a standing ovation unexpectedly? We didn’t have to sing or preach or anything really but show up and worship our Lord the way he deserves to be worshipped.

I don’t think I did today justice, but I wanted to get something up here explaining how thankful I feel!

AND, on a side note: Besides the standing ovation, that’s hard to beat, but Randy got a great offer on the house he’s building! It looks like a Go on that! We’re thrilled! Also, Randy’s sister Sheila stopped by the house for a little while and she gave me $100 for Miles skating party! It looks like we get to have the birthday party that I really wanted for him! And, let’s not forget the fancy life group leader buttons we got today! The last day of my twenties was a very good one!


Talitha koum said...

That is way better than your last post! You are so amazing Brandi. I am glad that happened on your last day as a girl, tomorrow you are woman!

Talitha koum said...

Hey you broke your own rule and blogged on Sunday. I forgive you though. ; )

Start World Hunger said...

Yeah Brandi! I'm so happy for you and happy for Miles-he gets to have his dream birthday party.

P.S. I had a dream that he was healed and walking around. I didn't witness the healing, but he was perfect. It was the most normal thing in the world.

A-lauf said...

That was one of my all time favorite times at church. I wish we did more of the testimonies. It is so real and practical and so local. I mean it's different when you here about people you don't know who received a miracle. I like the personal experience. I am glad we gave you an ovation. I wanted to do it when Bryan was speaking, but was scared nobody would stand with me. What a coward! Sorry. I love you, Happy Birhtday! Thanks for the party for my wife too. It was amazing!!!!!

ericaprosser said...

Happy Birthday Brandi. Welcome to the club.

Kevin said...

Brandi -
I cried when I read about Ray and Christy! Ray was the first "man" I spoke to a KLF. I spoke to Holli Honeycutt and Sue first, then Ray.

I was in school to be a CPA, and Sue told me I should talk with Ray. Immediately we formed a wonderful relationship discussing football, and all the wonederful things God had done in their lives.

Ash and I still talk about them often, honestly.

2nd. I am so happy for the standing ovation! You are such an example to all those out there in similar situations.

I am glad you turned 30 before me! :-P

Ashlee said...

I know Kevin already said it, but we are so excited to hear that Ray and Christy were at KLF. They were some of the first people we built relationship with and I loved talking football with Ray!!! Yay!!