Saturday, September 13, 2008


I got to take Miles home from the hospital last night! He has been one sick little boy for so long! When I was leaving the hospital I was thinking about how if I had taken Miles in to see the doctor with as sick as he was when he LEFT the hospital they would have put him IN the hospital.
Well, when I got to the house he was totally sleeping and out of it.

When I got him in the house and Spencer scooped him up and began to wrestle him...He perked up! He was laughing and smiling, the color came back to his face and he had life in his eyes. It really was a miracle. Miles looks better today then he has in so long. I'm so thankful!


Today is the big day! It's my Mom's party day! I need YOU to be there to make it special! Please as a favor to me...please come if you can! I want my Mom to be so blessed. She's had a hard year and I want her to feel special tonight. AND DON'T FORGET THE CAKE!!!!!

Just in case you need to be bribed...It will be catered by Abuelo's!

AND...there will be all the cake you can eat. MOM will be there!

This is the cake I made!

Mine looks NOTHING like this one. Mine is much more homely.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I knew you would be out of that hospital yesterday! Nice cake...I think. And, as for the
400th post, I believe.

Kevin said...


I was amazed at the cake at first. I was like WHOA.

I hope she had a wonderful party