Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have been wanting to do this project for a whole year. As some of you know...I'm not a "keeper" of the extras. We have 4 kids in school. That's a lot of papers! I can't/don't want to keep them all. This isn't really a big deal to the boys, but the girls want to keep every scrap of paper they've ever doodled on.
Problem Solved!
I made this ART wall for them! Now when they make something that MUST be kept they can take the "old" work down and put up the fresh stuff. It has been so great for the girls. They've replaced their work several times. I love it because it makes the hallway so bright and cheerful.
Anyway, check it out.
(Click on picture to make it bigger.)
P.S. Randy calls Miles 'Cheeto.' (Not sure why.)


Rachel said...

what a great idea!! Might just have to borrow that one!! I know that would be a favorite of evan's. Do they have to throw it away once they take it down?

Cyndi said...

that is an awesome idea.

Start World Hunger said...

great idea. I'll remember this for a few years down the road.

High in Demand said...

They don't have to throw it away, but the girls have trouble reaching the clips so I put it up for them.
From there I might happen to pass by the trash can and toss it in there...I mean I make sure no one is looking then place the masterpiece under some dirty trash.

God's Warrior Bride said...

I love this idea. When Jordan moves out and I wanting to turn his room into a play room for the grandkiddos and this would fit right into my plans. Mind if I copy your idea?

High in Demand said...

Don't mind at all!