Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Purse Contents

I found it so intriguing to have a peek into Erica’s purse. I just had to share. I don’t think I have the time to be as detailed as her. I’ve got a lot of junk in my purse. Maybe I can clean it out as I go along. Actually, I try to clean out my purse the very least every other week. Okay, here goes:

• Sunglasses
• Piece of paper for a company called Diapers to your Door. Hopefully I will be able to start getting Miles’ diapers for free and they will deliver. Hey, I’m glad I peeked in here already! I need to call them!
• Wal-Mart receipt for Miles sickness products. $27.40
• Another Wal-Mart receipt for our weekly family groceries. $142.17
• Mega grocery store list
• Keys with a cute frog on it that my Mom gave me.
• Rosa’s receipt from yesterday…I was having such a bad that I really did stop in there to have a margarita after grocery shopping and before going home! $7.90
• Picture of me from our first anniversary. I’m getting my hair highlighted this Thursday and Randy handed me the photo of how he would love for my hair to look.
• Receipt for Tuesday Mornings. I bought stationary, napkins and 2 coffee mugs. $13.15
• Victoria Secret pink lip-gloss.
• Orange colored pencil
• Several empty gun wrappers
• Business card and lipstick sample from a Mary Kay representative that stocked me at Wal-Mart last week.
• Lipstick called Drop of Sherry
• Wal-Mart receipt for weekly groceries for $83.90
• Hendrick business card for Miles’ speech therapist
• A baggie of TUMS that I took to the hospital with me this weekend.
• One gray Lego
• 3 used Kleenex
• Pink cell phone
• Unknown receipt for $5.25
• AISD business card from the tour I took Miles on last week. Also, on the back I wrote this information on it: Pioneer Baptist Drive In Movie May 29 They are showing Shrek the Third @ 9:00 and Pirates of the Caribbean Adults $2 Children 4-12 $1 and 3 and under Free. It’s at Town and Country
• 1 pen
• 50 cent piece
• & a ton of change totaling $10.32
• Miles’ insurance card 3 of them actually
• Diet pills that I haven’t been taking
• EXTRA bubble gum

Money Organizer that contains:
• Dominos Pizza Peeler card
• Play Fair Park coupon for one free game
• Expired Kirkland’s coupon
• Hobby Lobby receipt for $8.64
• HEB receipt for Vanilla Soy Milk $2.96
• 3 tickets for the Bull Riding show$42
• Century Movie theatre ticket $7.75 can’t remember what I saw
• A piece of paper I wrote the number 4467. Not sure what for.
• $31 cash
• Rent one Rent one free Hollywood videos…one for every month of the year
• $5 tithe that Melody is giving to Children’s Church
• JcPenny 10% off entire purchase coupon.
• 6 free kids meal coupons for Golden Corral
• 3 Mr. Gatti’s kids meal coupons
• Tuscany’s punch card
• Bath & Body Works coupons

My wallet
• Driver’s licenses (pretty cute picture)
• A laminated card that I made with all of our Social Security numbers on it. I did that so I don’t have to keep the originals in my purse.
• Sams card
• Library card
• Debit card
• JcPenney credit card
• A list of Miles’ medications
• Chucky Cheese gift card
• Life Group cards to pass out
• My social security card
• Kids insurance cards
• My Organ Donor card
• My voter registration card
• Business card for Miles’ horse therapy
• HEB receipt for $5.53
• Business card for Miles’ occupational therapy

I guess that’s all. Man, and the other day I was really trying to think if I even needed to carry a purse. I guess I do.


ericaprosser said...

More than $10 in change! You should keep a jar next to your desk- it adds up pretty fast. And if you do not start taking your diet pills then I must insist on confiscating them!

mccobbey said...

"I don’t think I have the time to be as detailed as her."

What in tarnation are you talking about? That was doggone detailed if you ask me. When you have to scroll down more than once in a blog entry, you know you've entered "detail-world." I have to check out Erica's entry now 'cause I can't believe that it could possibly be longer than yours! :)

mccobbey said...

Ok. I checked and you officially have one the detail contest!

You are Valedictorian of Detail.

Hear! Hear!

mccobbey said...

Duh. I meant "won"....

High in Demand said...

In Erica's blog she was detailed in her reciepts. She explained what she was buying. I did not type every item I bought at Wal-Mart. That would have been LONG!!!

ericaprosser said...
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ericaprosser said...

hello? there remains the unresolved issue of neglected diet pills, not being allowed to reach their full potential....

High in Demand said...

The negelcted diet pills have to do with me being The Biggest Loser (in a bad way.) I'm keeping them for when I eventually get my head out of my butt, and do what I'm supposed to do.

ericaprosser said...

Maybe that's why my butt never gets smaller! I usually have my head up it! Hee hee hee!

High in Demand said...

Very good point erica! I never thought of that before.