Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Day For Me.

I did it. Today I mailed off my story to Julia Loren. I went ahead and entered the writing contest that she has going on. She said that I didn't have to send the $10 entry fee because she aleady knew that she wanted my story, but that I could enter the contest if I wanted to. I decided to go ahead and send in the entry fee just in case. Plus, it would look great on my resume to say that I've won a writing contest. I love winning stuff! So, August 15th the winners of the contest will be announced on her website. I'm pumped about that. Even more than that I'm pumped about getting my first work published!
Take a minute to pray for me. Ask the Lord to show me favor and to let me win the contest! Also, ask him for this to be only the first of many many publications for me!


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Will you post a link to her website so I can be watching too?

High in Demand said...

mccobbey said...

Is there any way to read your story?