Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Randy sister Sharon is in desperate need of being healed by Jesus Christ! She has cervical cancer. The medical community has told her that she is rapidly dying. They do not believe she will make it past the summer. She’s in her early 40’s. Our family has been praying and believing for her healing since the beginning of the year. It’s been sad, but then again not really. Randy and I just could not go to that place where we let thoughts come in of her dying. We just have kept on praying and speaking health and healing over her. One of Randy’s brothers called him on Monday night. He lives in Colorado. He wanted to know why he had not been called and told how bad off Sharon was. Honestly, we haven’t believed that she was dying so why would we call. I do know that her cousin came to see her “one last time”, but I don’t think about that at all! I’ve just been waiting for the Lord to show off.
Hospice is involved. They’ve been coming to her house for almost 2 months now. They are the ones that regulate her medications. They gave her “one last wish” and she wanted to go to a Walk to Emmaus. She has continued to believe in her own healing so she was laughing when she was telling me about the one last wish thing. She just thought it would be a perk of having to go through this. Well, the next available time was in September, and the people were so sorry because “she was going to make it.” AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Who wants to hear that? They left her on the list for just in case.
Anyway, she has struggled with believing, but for the most part she is waiting on her miracle. I’m very proud of her attitude. Well, like I said I haven’t even entertained thoughts of her dying. That was until yesterday. Evidentially this past weekend was really painful for her. Hospice suggested last week that Sharon start taking morphine to control her pain. Sharon really wanted to avoid doing that because she hates medication for one, but obviously the other reason was that she didn’t want to be out of it all the time. After the very painful weekend she agreed to start taking the morphine on Monday.
Yesterday she called me and said that she wanted to talk to me while she was coherent. Honestly, she sounded like death. It was heart breaking. My thoughts were racing. I’ve never heard her this bad off. I thought that if she tried to tell me her goodbyes that I would just hang up the phone so she couldn’t give up. I don’t think I really would have hung up, but she wasn’t say those things anyway. She was so sad and she asked me, “Brandi, I really thought God was going to save me. Is it too late? Do you think he’s still going to do it?” I said, “Sharon, you’re still alive aren’t you?” As simple of a statement that is it seemed to bring her hope.
We talked for awhile but after we got off the phone I felt like throwing up and crying. It was the first time that I actually heard the desperation in her voice. I called Francesca and talked to her for awhile about Sharon. I felt better after I got off the phone. I just decided in my heart that I was going to continue to pray for Sharon’s healing. As desperate as the situation is our God knows the details of Sharon’s life, and I’m praying that the details involve an amazing miracle of healing in them! I was so glad that I had decided my stance on Sharon’s healing before Randy came home yesterday because she had stopped by her house before he came home from work. He spent a couple of hours over there talking and doing some stuff for her. He came home and said, “I don’t want my sister to die!” Instead of me being a wreck and saying me too I just boldly told him where I stood with her healing, and that I was going to stay there. It seemed to comfort him.

Here’s where it gets good! This morning Randy called me after I woke up. He told me about something exciting that happened. In the mornings (way before I think anyone should be awake) he spends time with the Lord. That’s when he prays, reads the Bible or listens to sermons on iTunes. Today he was listening to the latest podcast from Bethel. Bill Johnson started it off with a bang! Before he began preaching he gave a testimony. There was a guy in the audience from New Zealand. Just 10 days ago he boarded a plane in a wheelchair. He was dying with cancer. He was on morphine on the plane! His family gathered at the airport and told him farewell. They did not want him to go. They believed he would return to them in a box. During the conference they had there Jesus radically transformed his body! Bill Johnson said that the man is in a great process of healing and deliverance! He said that he saw the man before the conference, and the transformation during the days was incredible!
Praise the Lord!!!
That testimony made Randy and I so happy today! I actually just talked to Randy’s mom on the phone and told her the testimony. She was excited to hear it as well. As we’ve been learning testimony means “to do it again”. That’s what I’m asking for it to do today! Agree with me that the Lord is going to completely heal Sharon’s body!


A-lauf said...

you know that Bethel believes that they are a cancer free zone. Anyone that comes there with cancer will leave without it.

High in Demand said...

Randy was wondering if we should send her there.

Anonymous said...

I agree in faith with you for her healing. It will happen.

Rebekah said...

What an amazing story of faith. I just happened upon this blog while searching for something completely unrelated and my prayers are with you & yours. God is good!