Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Day

Miles has an appointment in Ft. Worth today. His neurologist decided that he wanted to get an MRI done of Miles’ neck and spine. Dr. Marks wants to see if Miles has any obstruction in his neck that can be the cause of his reflux. Since he was already going to be under anesthesia for the MRI Dr. Marks decided to go ahead and do the next round of Botox on him while he was already asleep.
So, today Miles got Botox! Yay! I’m so happy about that! It helps to loosen up his tight muscles. It was getting where it was hard to dress him because his arms were hard to move, his shoulders were up to his ears all day every day. By Sunday he should be feeling great and moving freely in his upper body. Botox for Miles is like the oil can to the Tin Man. I’m very thankful for it.
These trips wear me out. My nerves get a little shot, my heart gets a little heavy, my body gets sore from being tense, and everything at home seems out of whack. I’m looking forward to this chapter ending in our lives. All day I kept comforting myself with the knowledge that all this is temporary. I’m looking forward to non-medical days.
Hey, say a prayer for me that I will be refreshed. People in my home are asking me for things that I don’t feel like I have to energy to fulfill.


A-lauf said...

will do. I know it works!

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Be raised up in the name of Jesus. Be refreshed beyond measure. Be filled up until you cannot contain it and you outpour onto those close to you and then open your doors to relieve the pressure from the excess!

Ashlee said...

I pray you have abounding energy and that you are able to do more then you imagine. I also pray for opportunites to rest and be refreshed.