Friday, June 22, 2007

Jesus in California

Don’t get me wrong the conference in California was wonderful. It was full of practical advice that I’ve already been able to apply since I’ve been home. I received valuable information, but that wasn’t the best thing that I took away from my trip. The Lord himself did personal things in me that mean so much more.
After the first meeting where several leaders were introduced to us there was a woman named Teresa that prayed for us before we were dismissed into the conference. Teresa is one of the cutest women I’ve ever seen. She’s on staff at Bethel. She’s in charge of the art department there. While Teresa prayed for us she sat on the stage while a young man played the keyboard behind her.
She told us that while she was praying for us earlier that morning that she saw a picture of a Christmas tree with all kinds of presents under the tree. She said that Jesus had a present for us. While she was praying she told us to go to the place where it was only us and Jesus alone. Immediately I was taken to that place. I don’t really want to call it a picture or even a vision. I’ve never experienced before the place I went to. It felt so real. It was like a white endless room where Jesus and I were together. I could see him plainly and he could see me. It all seemed very real.
I could hear Teresa talking, but she was not in the same room that I was in. I heard her say, “Ask Jesus for the present that he has for you. I asked Jesus for the present and he gave me a beautifully wrapped box. It was actually wrapped kind of fun. Anyway, I opened the box and inside was a heart. It wasn’t a pretty cut out heart. It was a real heart. I was looking in the box when I heard Teresa say, “Ask Jesus to tell you what the present means.”
That made perfect sense to do so I asked Jesus what the present meant. Then he spoke to me and said, “I’m giving you healed hearts. When people read your work, or hear you speak, or when you’re just around them and being yourself then their hearts will be healed. That’s what I’m giving you.”
When I heard those words tears began to stream down my face. I wasn’t weeping. It was a natural cry with the sweetest of tears. I couldn’t imagine having a more wonderful present. I’ve received a healed heart myself so I know the good of the present.
As I was with Jesus and so in awe of him I heard Teresa again. She told us to look behind us and see what was behind us. When I turned around (in the place with Jesus) I was amazed at what I saw next. There was a vast amount of people behind me. There were so many of them that I couldn’t even see all their faces. I knew that all those people had read my writing or heard me speak sometime. There were so many people behind me that only a few faces stuck out at me. The only face I recognized was Pam’s face. Then a wonderful thing happened! There was a woman in the crowd and she was holding up her child high in the air for me to see him. Immediately I knew why she was holding him high for me to see. I knew that when she had read my book she had a child that was handicap and that she was hopeless. As she read my book she allowed hope to awaken in her again and Jesus Christ healed her child as well.
The picture of that woman is so vivid in my memory. It has been spurring me on to go through the pain that is involved writing a book about Miles. I know through it that lives will be changed, and that hearts will be healed.
Another thing that Teresa said was, “You have not come this far to fall short.” When she said that fear was broken off of me. I was afraid of falling short. I will not. Jesus has made me to heal the broken hearted. He has placed books in me and he’s drawing them out. I’m very pleased to do this with him. It’s my honor and my joy.


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I have serious goosebumps. I am at a loss. What a beautiful gift you have received. Go to them.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I also decided I want you to touch my heart next time I see you.