Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Heaven By Brandi, Joey and Spencer

In heaven there is no laundry to do.
No one pees in their pants in heaven.
There are no stretch marks in heaven.
No one throws up in the middle of the night in heaven.
There are no pets to feed in heaven.
There are no appointments to be late for in heaven.
Tax day means nothing in heaven.
If there is ice cream in heaven it doesn’t have any fat or calories.
There are no alarm clocks in heaven.
You don’t have to suck in your stomach in heaven.
If there are cars in heaven they always start in the morning.
Hair roots never have to be colored in heaven.
If there are debit cards in heaven they always work on the first swipe.
There are no birthdays to forget in heaven.
Telemarketers do not exist in heaven.
No one gets picked last in heaven.
No one gets tooted on in heaven.
There are no roommates in heaven.
There are no such things as shocking hazards in heaven.
High school does not exist in heaven.
In heaven there are no jacking up printers.
Calendars have no relevance in heaven.
Heaven is without heartburn.
In heaven there are no cavities.
There are no chores in heaven.
Zits have no home in heaven.
Diet Coke takes like real Coke in heaven.
In heaven shoes are never missing.
There are no surprise guests in heaven.
Misquotes are not a part of heaven.
There are no red lights or stop signs in heaven.
In heaven kids don’t argue.
Eyes are never closed in photos while in heaven.
There are no student loans in heaven.
In heaven cold sores are abolished.
Cell phone minutes never run out in heaven.
There is no underestimating God in heaven.

Let your Kingdom come. Let your Will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven!


Anonymous said...

yeah! i love it! i want to put it to music! how much is the copyright?

High in Demand said...

Hey, that would be a great song...let's talk price.

Pamelotta said...

I don't want to misquote you, but on the "There are no misquotes in heaven," I read "There are no mosquitos in heaven." To me, right now, mosquitos are way more irritating than misquotes!

High in Demand said...

It was actually supposed to be misquitos.
Joey was typing for me.

High in Demand said...

Joey misquoted me when I said mosquitos.