Thursday, June 28, 2007

We are so Blessed!

The Lord blessed our socks off today! Oh my goodness! Okay. last night I felt like going to spend some money so about 8:30 we all loaded in the car and went to Target. We let the kids shop around for a long time before Randy and I decided that we wanted to go look at the garden section. Randy walked into a canopy, sat on the furniture and he said that "his heart lept". He fell in love with the gazebo. When he was getting out of it (because the store was closing) he noticed that it was on clearance. He ended up talking to a worker in that section, and the worker offered him an even better deal that was on the clearance sticker. That was nice. Well, we had to leave because it was closing, but he just couldn't get over the fact that he really wanted that gazebo. We pulled over on an aisle and prayed to see if we should get it or not. When I prayed I heard, "It's just money." We decided to get it. Well, last night we were only able to put our name on it. The maintenance guy was supposed to call us today, but he never did.
Well, Shirley called me yesterday and asked if she could keep my kids for a little while this afternoon. Of course she didn't have to persuade me too much! :) She came over while Randy was still home for a late lunch. When I left he called me and asked if I wanted to go to Target with him to see what was up with the canopy since they had not called us yet. I said yes so we met over there.
The canopy was still there, but no one was available to tear it down for us. They only had the floor model left, that's why we got the discounted price last night. Well, Randy told the lady manager that was helping us that he could tear it down himself. She agreed that he could do that then she got a helper and some tools for him. Then she said that she would give us a discount off the clearance price since he was taking it down himself. So, it started out at $500, but it was clearanced at $349, but since Randy took it down himself we got it for $174. That is a steal! It's the prettiest one I've ever seen. It's very fancy! It's a 10x11 Gazebo. WOW!
Okay, last night we went to Wal-Mart after Target to see what they had as far as outdoor furniture goes. When we got there the outdoor garden center was closed for the night. I didn't know this, but they close the outside part at 9:00 at night! So, we were disappointed last night, but we weren't today! As I was looking at the furniture at Target while Randy was taking down the gazebo I found an amazing deal! Everything was pricing out at about $400-$500. That was way too much, and that was their clearance price! I looked online last night at several stores to get an idea on what furniture cost, and it's so pricey! Well, I found a wicker love seat and two chairs on sale for only $147. It was so cheap because it was supposed to come with a table but for some reason the table was missing. It was regularly $279. WOW!
Okay, and while we were there Randy saw an amazing outdoor fireplace table. It's incredible. I wasn't even going to look at the price because it looked too fancy. Well, there was a clearance sticker laying on it so I checked it out. It said that it was on clearance for $174. Randy loved it and since we had already saved so much he decided that we would get it. We were so pumped! We had already been there for 2 hours!
The manager lady that was so helpful to us suggested that we apply for a Target Visa so we could get an additional 10% off. We didn't want to charge it, but she told us that we could just turn around and pay it off at the service counter after we paid for it. So, we did that and we got another 10% off our entire purchase! WOW!
Oh my goodness...I'm so pumped! Randy is on his way home right now. Even though it's raining he told me that he wants to put it all together. That's exciting! I will take some good pictures of it when we get it all done! I'm so thrilled at the blessing that we received today!
AND...while we were outside loading everything out (I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you this part!) the lady manager came back out to give us an instruction book and then she told us that they made a mistake...the clearance sticker on the fireplace that we bought was for another item. We should have been charged $399 because it was not on sale! WOW!!!!!!! She just smiled and said that we got a good deal.
Gazebo was originally $499, Clearanced for $349 and we paid $174 (and some sweat).
Furniture $279 but we paid $147.
Fireplace that should have been $399 but we got it for $174.
Then we got 10% off which was a total of $49.
So, for everything we paid $484. That's cheaper than the original price of the Gazebo!
I feel so incredibly favored!
Hopefully more pictures will come soon of me sipping some carbonated or fermented drink in my new Gazebo.


Bloomin' Cactus said...

I love it!! I've had my eye on that exact gazebo for quite a while now, but I'm glad someone I know owns it!!! And, what steals you got!! That's even better!!!

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Yay- when is the party?

God's Warrior Bride said...

What a wonderful blessing. I am sure your family will truly enjoy spending time under that beautiful gazebo.

Anonymous said...

That is SOOOO awesome! I'm with Trish-when's the party?

Monica said...

That's so cool..I love a good deal! It's interesting the prices..174, & 147..blessed numbers?! I am so happy for your family, you will have many wonderful times under your new gazeebo!

mccobbey said...

That's awesome! I love it! Can you post it larger so I can see the details? It's so great when you get blessed like that.

Good job, God!!