Tuesday, June 12, 2007


California June 12, 2007
My review went well. Julia said that I was a very good writer. Julia said that she only told one other person that…guess who that was…our girl Francesca! How incredible is that? It was so awesome because she just acted like I was already an established writer. She loved several of my stories. One of her favorites was titled STINKY. It was about Miles when he was in the cast and we had to spray him down with feminine hygiene spray. She had a great idea of how I could take the devotions I’ve already written, add some more and make a book about the lessons I’ve learned about God from my children. That sounded exciting. I’ll be thinking and praying about that.

Okay, here goes the way exciting news! Julia is currently writing another book, and she wants one of my stories in there. She wants to publish my story about Spencer and the tree! GO AHEAD…SCREAM AND SHOUT!!! I’ll wait.
She wants to publish something I’ve written. I’ve got to make a decision by the end of the month if I will let her use my stuff, but she told me that she’s sure she wants it. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

During this conference Francesca and I have really stood apart from the crowd. In an hour were about to have the impartation from ol’ Kris V. Very exciting! I really have high expectations of this time. I want to get blasted. I mean blasted. I mean so blasted that I remember it forever.

I just had to give the quick update.


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of what you are doing- and what God is doing through you. I cannot wait to receive from you two- please have a party when you return!

Kevin said...


That is so awesome Brandi! Congratulations! I cannot wait to see and hear more of the conferenc.


mccobbey said...

That is so amazing!!! You totally rock! But you knew God was gonna bless you, right?

I can't believe I "know" (of course, that's blog speak) someone that is potentially famous! Just remember I once gave you a Starbucks gc. That should count for something, right?!

All I want is when you are signing autographs with a big purple sharpie, nodding graciously as your devoted fans hand you their books, their autograph pads and their sweet smooth baby's foreheads to sign, is that you give me an obviously longer nod than the short perfunctory nods given to all other devotees. A nod that not only affirms the fact that you know me but also denotes me as a long-time fan of your blog aka your blog buddy.

Pamelotta said...

I can see a girl's trip in the near future. There we all are, on the front row, listening to Brandi and Francesca among other greats at the next big women's conference!!! I will definitely be telling everyone, "Yep. Those are my peeps up there. I've known them forever!" This is going to be cool.

High in Demand said...

Wow! Those were all very encouraging comments! You are all very sweet! Thank you.