Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sky Angel Update

9:00 P.M. Tuesday night, Prime time on Sky Angel. This is what is available to watch:

• Movie called Out of time. It’s about a man with untreatable cancer who drinks from a magic spring, sleeps for 20 years and wakes in 2000 when his wife is remarried and he may be cured.

• Movie called Falling in love with the girl next door. It has Patty Duke, Shelley Long and Patrick Dempsy in it. It’s on the Hallmark channel.

• House Hunters on HGTV

• Fox News they are talking about a pregnant woman’s 2 year old son that was found alone at home.

• Music Video of Audio Adrenaline “Ocean’s Floor”.

• Pulpit Classics It’s a crazy retro preacher with bright golden choir robes in the background. The sign language lady had a big afro and a turquoise velvet curtain behind her.

• For Better, For Worse, For Keeps. A pastor is talking about marriage. If you have something to ask them their hotline number is 888-691-1075

• In the Crosshairs with Bill Wilson (no relation) It’s talking about the world’s largest Sunday School and how it reaches the inner-city families in New York. If you need prayer you can call 1-800-565-4483

• Treasures of the World. It’s talking about Education in some foreign country.

• 3ABN Today. Joey titled this “Lame Show”. It just looks like a really boring interview with two people that have bad hair.

• Praise the Lord on TBN. Pastor Steve Munsey is talking about a book called Repositioning Yourself.

• Word Pictures, It’s about how God converts the human soul. How does God convert the human soul? This question and others are answered.

• Taylor’s Attic. Birds in the Attic. A pair of blackbirds organize an attic band. (I have no idea!) Oh, okay, it’s a kid show.

• Alternative Music Video If you need to call their Helpline the number is 877-949-HELP You might call and tell them you need help understanding what in the world these guys are singing. It’s really heavy music. Joey said it was really freaky.

• ROC Rock café. It marries messages about Christ with cool music in a funky café setting.

• The 700 Club. It’s a magazine program that includes a commentary entertainment, live appearances, and interviews with celebrity guests.

• Love a Child. Bobby and Sherry Burnette take us along a mission campaign to Hatti. This is actually pretty cool. It’s a crusade in Hatti that is being translated and you can see the people accepting Jesus as their savior.

• Then there’s 16 channels of different Christian Music Channels.
That’s it.


Pamelotta said...


ericaprosser said...

running out of stuff to blog about about perhaps?

High in Demand said...

Truth be told, I did run out of stuff to blog. The things I've been writing are for my book and I don't really care to post them here. So, I had to have something to post since I made fun of Pam for taking so dang long between her posts.
So, that's what I came up with.

Bloomin' Cactus said...

That's hilarious!! I did see HGTV on the list and heard it came with SkyAngel. . . hmmmmmmmmm

Ashlee said...

Are you enjoying the sky angel? We have direct tv and I love it. They have a family package too which is pretty cheap (thats not actually what we have because I really wanted a couple channels that were not included). My favorite channel is God TV which is an awesome Spirit Filled channel. They have shows on their with David Herzog, Patricia King, Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, etc. ALL the time.