Saturday, August 25, 2007

Coffee Day!!! Or, whatever.

Next week is what I’m calling “Freedom Week”. Oh, how I love my children…all of them, but in two days three of them will be off to school, and inside I’m doing a happy dance. The last time I only had two children in my own during the day was…hmmm…uh….who remembers? Plus, I was pregnant so that doesn’t even count!
I will only have Melody and Miles at the house from 8-3 for five days a week. I’ll have Christy here for Miles so if I want to go some where without taking him then I can. SO REALLY, I only have Melody at home.
So another great thing about “Freedom Week” is “Coffee” with the girls on Wednesdays. On Wed. mornings a couple of friends come over and we talk a lot about nothing and everything. It’s so fun. I invited a couple of my friends over for coffee since their kids go to the same school as mine. We had so much fun! Anyway, we all have so many kids that we didn’t meet in the summer time. I’ve missed Krissy and Rachel very much. Well, it’s back on, and it looks like it’s getting bigger. Christy A. JoAnne and Amy Y. also want to come. FUN!
Here’s the deal though. We invited Christy A. to join us for coffee on Wednesday mornings. Then I began to think how we really don’t drink coffee. We just call it coffee. It did start out as coffee. I was a drinker back then. Now that I’ve given up caffeine I don’t drink it any more, but I actually stopped drinking coffee several months ago. It made me a little crazy. And, my dear friend Krissy does not drink coffee. She makes sure and brings herself a big Dr. Pepper. Rachel, she does drink coffee, but that doesn’t go very well with the story so we’ll just forget about that part. Do Christy, JoAnne or Amy drink coffee…I’m not sure. We’ll see.
So, why do we call it coffee if 2/3 of us don’t drink coffee? It’s because we don’t want to call it Mommy group. Do we all have kids? Yes. But, do we want to go to a Mommy Group? No. That would imply that we go some where to interact with our children and talk about stretch marks. Nope. That’s not what we’re looking for. We are looking for a home with enough rooms where our kids will hopefully not talk to us for awhile. We like being with other, and hearing what’s going on in each other’s lives. If the occasional Mommy story comes up then we embrace it, but it’s not our whole focus.
You know actually going to a coffee place wouldn’t work for us. Together the number of kids that we still have at home comes to NINE. I don’t think Starbucks or Tuscany’s would appreciate us too much. So, I guess we’ll continue to stay at my house for Wednesday mornings and just be in denial about our Non Coffee Drinking Mommy Group Coffee Day.
Oh, I better get some more creamer.


Aaron & Rachel said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am for coffee day!! Payton is a little jealous that he doesn't get to go, though!!

I don't think I've had a cup of coffee since we took our break!! Don't worry about getting more creamer. . . I'll bring some and we can see if Amy & Kristy are coffee drinkers!! ;)

Pamelotta said...

Clyde Coffee is about to start up again, too. Actually, we never stopped. We switched to Erica's house for a while when Fran was seeing Gym in Abilene, so if that resumes, I guess it's back to Erica's. We do drink a little coffee now and then. I'm so glad there are two groups so everyone can go!

By the way, ours meets Tuesdays and Thursdays right after we drop the kids off at school.

Woohoo! I'm doing a little happy dance myself right now since I just said "drop the kids off at school!" I love the sound of that. Drop the kids off at school. Drop the kids off at school. August/September is great!