Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day Of School

Jocie’s first day of school went great. She was so excited this morning. I haven’t been sad about her going at all. I was excited for her all summer long. She was so ready to go. I didn’t expect to cry like a baby like I did when the boys started school. This morning when I was brushing her hair I began to wonder if I would tear up when I dropped her off at her first day of Kindergarten. Well, we got to school, and she just ran into her room and sat down at the desk that had her name onit. She was confident and happy to finally be at school. I looked at her to tell her bye and she just smiled and said, “Bye.” There were no tears. We were both happy that she was finally a Kindergartener.

When I picked her up she still had her happy grin on her face. That was until we got in the car and very seriously she said, “Mommy, I still don’t know how to write. She didn’t teach me how to write.” I had to explain that those things would take time. She seemed to understand…she was a bit annoyed, but she understood.

Since she’s been home she has barely come up for air in between exciting stories of things that happened today. When I told her that she gets to go back tomorrow she let out a shriek of happiness! You can only imagine what she was like when I told her that she will go for five days of the week!

The boys liked school too…it just wasn’t big news like it was for Jocie. Joey reported to me that he didn’t learn anything new today. Spencer was just excited because his frog didn’t move off his Lilly Pad. (It’s a behavior chart.)

I think the person, besides Jocie of course that had the best day was Miss Mella. She ws thrilled to be with me all by herself today. We did lots of shopping. She wasn’t ready to pick up the other kids at 3:00. She wanted to let them spend the night.

As far as “Freedom Week” hopefully that will start tomorrow. I was way busy today. I do have a lunch date with one of my new besties…JoAnne. That should be very fun.

SCHOOL! It’s pretty much the bomb!

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