Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Going...

Good news...I lost another pound last week. That's not bad for being out of town for 3 days of that. So, I have 17 pounds left to reach my short term goal by my birthday in late September.
My fortune cookie today (which I didn't eat) said that I would reach my short term goal very soon.


mccobbey said...

Something I just learned the other day from a doctor who spoke at my work (you might already know this)is that if you walk immediately after eating (within 15 minutes before digesting the food) you will lose 32% of the fat (or is it calories?) you ingested. She said that when she moved to Italy to go to school, everyone walks like that and even without trying or changing her eating habits (pasta, meat & wine every meal) she lost 17 pounds in 4 months. I think I'm gonna try. She did stress that the KEY is going within 15 minutes of eating or else you lose all the good effects. Anyway, I was totally struck by that fact and thought I'd share.

Cherryberry said...

Way to go Brandi.
I wish I could say that.
It seems like when I think I should have lost at least a little there is still no change.
Keep up the good work.