Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm So Excited...Let Me Count The Ways!

Well, it’s official…I’m a Working Girl! I’m not the kind of Working Girl that I talked about on a recent post of Erica’s. I’m actually about as opposite of that as you can get. That is besides a church secretary! I’m a teacher’s aide for the school that my kids go to. Go Cornerstone!!! I will be helping out with the Kindergarten class. I’m really so excited. I’ve been able to watch God work right in front of my eyes.
As most of you know I’ve been making a big fuss about “Freedom Week.” (Side note: I just misspelled Freedom Week on accidently and called it Freedom Weed. That made me laugh. I might have to look into that after I’m with a bunch of Kindergartners!) Anyway, I was pumped that I was only going to have Melody at the house, and that Miles had Christy in case I didn’t want to take him places. I had such great plans of going where I wanted, when I wanted. Well, when I took the kids for orientation at the school the principle said, “If you would like to be a teacher’s aide please let us know because we’re needing help.” When I heard her say that I perked up and wondered if I could do that. Since three of our kids go to private school we have to pay so I thought that it would be nice if I could work there and hopefully one of them could go for free. I talk to the secretary about it and I asked her if the teacher’s aide position was paid or volunteer. Volunteer she said. So, what did I say next? “Well, I’m pretty sure that I can do it.” WHAT?!? Here I was on the first day of school…the FIRST DAY OF FREEDOM WEEK AND I’M SAYING THAT I WILL WORK FOR FREE? Maybe I had partaken of some Freedom Weed before school! Just kidding!
I told the secretary that I would only be able to work half the day because I wouldn’t have any where for Melody to be AND that Melody would have to go to Pre-K there and I didn’t want to have to pay for her to go. I left her with that info and was slightly hopeful that I wouldn’t hear anything back.

Then a crazy thing happened! I began to really want to work at the school! I didn’t hear anything for a day and I even felt disappointed when I thought that I might not be able to do it. This was my first clue that it was the Lord’s plan for me to work there. He placed a desire in my heart that my own brain was trying to talk out of it. Then, the unthinkable happened!!! On Tuesday morning…I had a strange feeling…it took me a while to figure out what in the world that it was…it was so unfamiliar…I Was Bored! Me! Bored! That’s a crazy thing to type! The funny thing was that I had a lunch date planned, 3 extra people had already been in my home and I had to make several medical calls, (all before 11:00 a.m.) but my normal schedule is usually much busier. Hey, I got so bored that I decided to Chi my hair! WOW! Okay, then on top of that my poor little Mella has been roaming the house looking for someone to play with. She has never had an empty house before. I actually watched the twins and Obi yesterday so she had someone to baby sit. She was thrilled. Wait…I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

So, on Wednesday I dropped off the kids at school when I ran into the principle, Mrs. Russell. She told me that she heard I was interested in being a teacher’s aide. She told me that the kindergarten class needed a helper. She asked me if I would be willing to help out two or three days a week in exchange for Melody to go to Pre-K for free. I was expecting to work all five days a week so I just stared at her kind of blankly and shook my head yes. I told her that I would only be able to work half a day and she understood. She gave me an application to fill out and I was on my way. I felt like I was getting away with something!
That application was 15 PAGES LONG! I called a couple of you to help me out with it! My goodness! It was thorough! It was actually a teacher’s application, but still! It had a lot of stuff on there! I filled that out and turned it in. Today was my interview and it went so well. They talked about what an answer to prayer I was and how thankful they were for me and how perfect I was for the job. I was so blessed by them. Then before I left the principle asked if she could pray over me. I was delighted! She closed the door, laid her hands on me and prayed a wonderful prayer of thanksgiving on me, a blessing over my family and prayed that I would be a great helper to Mrs. Brokaw. Immediately when she began to pray I felt the presence of the Lord in the room. It was so beautiful. I felt covered and like I was in the perfect will of the Father. So, I’m as thrilled as I can be! I’ve actually got butterflies in my tummy…I haven’t had that (for anything good any way) in such a long time!

Okay, here’s a huge God testimony!
Last night I was getting a little overwhelmed about how much my non paying job was going to cost financially. We have all the money we have needed but since Randy has begun the building homes process and it’s going so slow we’ve needed to be careful about what is spent. The Lord has been faithful in many creative ways and we’ve lacked for nothing. I was just feeling bad that I was racking up extra expenses. Here was the list that I was concerned about last night.
If Melody was going to start Pre-K (which last night it wasn’t official, but today it is) it was going to cost some money. Melody would need school supplies and the list was long. We would have to buy her books. We would have to buy her a t-shirt. I would have to buy a few outfits because the teachers wear dresses everyday except of Fridays.

I told Randy that I needed to hear that the Lord would provide. Of course his response was perfect. He said, “Of course he will provide. He always does.” Then we prayed that if I was supposed to do this that nothing could shut the door. We also prayed that if I wasn’t supposed to do this that nothing would open the door! The doors were wide open!

Okay, pre-k would have cost about $250 a month, but that’s free. Yea! Okay, then I called Shirley (my mother in law) to tell her that Melody was not going to go to Mother’s Day Out because she was going to go to Pre-K. Shirley always pays for MDO so she decided last night that she would just apply the money that she usually pays for MDO and it would go to Jocie’s school tuition instead! So, that gives us a little help every month! Then, I talked to Shirley again today to tell her it was official and she OFFERED to pay for Melody’s books! I didn’t say a thing about the books! She just offered! She also told me that she was going to pay for Melody’s t-shirt! I was so happy! (The school bought mine) It’s only for Fridays or field trips. Okay, then I talked to my Mom and she OFFERED to buy Melody’s school supplies! I did not ask her! Not only did she offer to buy them, but she said that she will pick up Melody after she gets off of work today and take her for a special evening of shopping for school supplies all by herself and then she will spend the night with my Mom!!! This is very big news! And, on top of all that! I went to JcPenny’s last night to find a cute outfit for the interview and they were having a 75% off sale! I got several things for work that was as much as one outfit! I was so happy! I tried on the clothes for Randy and on one of the outfits he said, “I wish you were my teacher…” Oops, that’s another story!

I just feel so taken care of. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. They asked me if I would work five days a week for the month of September while routines are being established then if I would work 3 days a week after that. I agreed. They actually told me that 3 days a week would be great, but 4 days a week would be a blessing. We’ll see how that goes. SO. What does that mean for Freedom Week? There in nothing more freeing than knowing you’re right in the middle of God’s will!

Oh, and what about Coffee Day? I will have to take a survey from the girls to see what they want to do. We could have it in the afternoon. We could postpone it for September and meet on a Tuesday or Thursday in October, they could have it without me for a little while, OR…just let me know.

I haven’t worked in about 10 years! WOW~ I’m excited about my new adventure!


Cherryberry said...

I am soooo excited for you. I know God has a plan for you at that school. Congratulations!!!
Isn't He so wonderful and giving??
God IS good.
Love you

ericaprosser said...

Congratulations Brandi- welcome to the workforce- I must warn you-it's hard to not get addicted & become a workaholic. Have fun & don't take it home with you!

Talitha koum said...

Wow! That just threw me for a curve- I guess it threw you too! Have fun in the knowledge that you are on the God coaster- not the work train.

Francesca said...

I am happy for you. If you need anymore winter clothes . . . I won't be needing mine this season.

High in Demand said...

Thanks! You really are Frantastic!

Brenda M Becker said...

What a wonderful testimony. How satisfying to have a God who leads us like that. I'm overcome with thanksgiving for the blessings he has given to you and your family - how wonderful to anticipate what He has next!! By the way - I love your nickname for Francesca.