Saturday, August 04, 2007


I did something so fun today. First of all I woke up really late. That’s great in itself. Then, I got up and made waffles for the girls with our new wonderful Belgian waffle makers. (I didn’t eat one.) The boys and Randy are gone camping, but I’m used to making food for 6 not 2 little girls so I made way too many waffles! I called my mother in law (she lives down the street) to see if she wanted some waffles since I made too many. She didn’t answer the phone so I decided I would take them to my next door neighbor. They were beautiful waffles. They were as beautiful as the most beautiful waffle ever was. Man, I wish I had taken a picture!
I poured some syrup in one little bowl. Then I poured some powdered sugar in another small bowl. I got out a fancy silver tray and put the bowls and the plates of waffles on there. For a second I thought it was a little over kill for some waffles, but it felt fun to be a little over the top. I got on my shoes and told the girls that I was taking some waffles to our neighbors.
When I got over there they weren’t home. My mother in law wasn’t home. Here I was standing outside with this beautiful tray of waffles and I had to figure out what to do with them. I decided to take them across the street to a nice family I haven’t really ever talked to. I always say hi to them if they’re outside but I haven’t made friends with them like I thought I would when I first moved in. It’s a young married couple with one child about 2 years old. They seem really nice. Anyway, I walked across the street with my fancy tray of sweet treats and rang their doorbell. The woman came to the door and she was so kind. She invited me in their house. The grandparents must have been for a visit. They were all sitting in the living room talking. They seemed so delighted to have waffles. The husband was excited. He said he hadn’t had waffles in a very long time.
I talked to them for a minute and then left to go back home. As I left I was so happy. It felt so good to get out of my comfort zone and do something nice for someone that I don’t know. Normally I would have sent Randy to take them waffles. He loves to do stuff like that. I always feel a little uncomfortable. Also, I usually would have felt embarrassed to take over waffles in such an extravagant way. Not today. Anyway, it was fun, rewarding and good for me.


Pamelotta said...

What a good neighbor you are. Someday, a family will be in our church saying that waffles on a silver platter brought them into the kingdom!

High in Demand said...

Pam, I really hope so. I think they would love our life group. We've invited their Aunt (she lives next door to me).
Maybe I can bribe them with more waffles to come try life group one Wednesday.

If not, then maybe I can bribe the husband with more waffles to detail my car. That's what he does for a living and he does it on the side at home.

Detailing my car or coming into the Kingdom of God would both be great. Hey, BOTH of those would be even better!

Kevin said...

Amen Pam,

Brandi, what you did this morning is an amazing act of warfare! Getting out of your comfort zone. I was just sharing this principle with BC yesterday. He agreed and laughed, because he is preaching about it this Sunday.

We have got church all wrong! We keep worrying about bringing people to church, instead of taking the Kingdom out!

I pray you reap an amazing harvest out this simple act of kindness!

Pamelotta said...

It would take a mountain of waffles for someone to want to scrape out all of the melted kid goo and vacuum out all of the "van mix," as Elliott likes to call it, from our car.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...


Aaron & Rachel said...

That is so neat!! I still haven't met my new neighbors! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow!!