Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Sweet Randy

This week Randy started building his first house.

It’s been very exciting. Early Monday morning I was in the shower when Randy got a call from his concrete guys. He busted in the bathroom with a big grin on his face. He had to run out to Clyde to solve his first problem. It was a minor problem and he got it taken care of quickly.
I went out there to see the ground being broken. The concrete guys were building forms to get ready to pour the foundation. I took some pictures. I plan on taking pictures of the building process every week. Then I can make a flip book of his first build. I’ll try to post one of them weekly so you can see the progress (and give Randy a little encouragement.)
Randy was so cute on Monday. I love this picture. We were both so excited to see men working on his land. We are thrilled that the process has finally begun. I’m expecting everything to go smoothly.
I fell in love with Randy even more on Monday when I saw him standing there with his blueprints. He’s full of vision and drive. He knows how to do things that no one has ever taught him to do. He is wise and loving, and he’s the hardest worker. I’m so glad that he’s brave enough to do the things that God has called him to do. He works hard for our family, but he’s not consumed with his work. He still has plenty of time for all of us. I’m very thankful for the man he has become.
I’m thrilled to watch him step into his desires of his heart.

Hey, check this out. You can see the latest house that Randy fixed up to sell.


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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! Cole amazes me everyday with the things that he does and knows, without ever being taught. Of course, Randy did teach him a lot about remodling and he still gets advice from him! Yeah handy husbands!

Pamelotta said...

So he's building in Clyde? Where? I want to be able to drive by and see the progress. I'm so excited. I think it's one of the most impressive things in the world to be able to buid a whole house! (That and songwriting. It's pretty impressive too!)

Randy, we're proud of you! You are awesome. Keep hammering away. I mean, keep telling those guys of yours to keep hammering away! ; )

High in Demand said...

The house is on Tonkawa. It's two lots away from Christy Ancheta's old house.

Cherryberry said...

I am so excited that Randy is following what God had laid on his heart.
I know that he will be totally successful.
I love you guys so much