Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Birthday Party

I had a great birthday party!

It was an “OFFICE” party.

Randy and I love the show “The Office.”

I think I’ve mentioned that before.

Jennifer, Pam and I think Ashley planned the best party for me. I had so much fun. Almost everyone dressed up as someone from The Office. It was too funny. There were so many great details that were put into the party.

I will now show you photos of the party. I will also comment on the photos so you will feel more like you were there.

This is the AWESOME cake that PAM made. I would like to give her a loud round of clapping! I can't believe how awesome she did on this cake! Way to go Pam!

This is a failed attempt to make a stapler jello mold. Too funny.

Here's Ira. I think he's Michael Scott, but I don't think I saw the episode where he had a hurt foot.

I did see this episode though! This is Pam as Meridith. I was cracking up all night at how great Pam looked. I think she should go red, but she doesn't agree. Love it!

Here I am blowing all 31 candles out. I did have to hear the birthday song, but I got over it quickly.

This is Angela and Dwight...I mean Cody and Ashley. I loved Ashley's makeup. It was so funny. Her collar was buttoned to her neck all night. She looked like the perfect Angela. Thank you for being on the Party Planning Committee.

Here I am opening my gifts. Man, I got SO many awesome things!

I'm still opening them. It took awhile because I made a haul! I LOVE presents!

This is Cherith and Billy not paying attention to me opening my gifts. What could be more interesting then seeing me open a ton of gifts from people that love me a lot. Um Cherith, can you tell us what was so interesting?

Here's Kristy as Jan. On the show Jan is pregnant NOT with Michael's baby.

Randy was dressed as Michael Scott. His hair was cracking me up! I told him before the party that if no one else dressed up that he should go to the bathroom and fix his hair. Randy made an awesome looking Michael.

Girl Talk & Great Food. What else can you ask for?

Kristy and Jason as Ryan and Jan. These two were adorable! That beard is drawn on. Can you believe it? It looks so real!

The whole thing was so fun. I loved it all. It was a great party! I have so much stuff from The Office that I could open my own Office.

Thank you all who came, spent money on, had ideas for, wished they were there or gave me a present! I loved it!

I can't wait to do it again. ~That's what she said!



Holy Cow batman. I had no idea that it was your b-day or that there was a party. So sorry I missed it. It looked like you guys had a blast. HAPPY B-DAY.

Ashlee said...

Wow. That looks like a ton of fun! So happy you had a great birthday...and party!