Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feedback Please

For a year now I’ve worked on and off on a book called Rescued Me. It’s a book that won’t be published or finished until Miles is totally healed. The first half is about what happened to him, how we’ve dealt with it and how we’ve continued to serve God even in the hard times. The second half will be about how he was healed, what that did for our family and what it did for the world.

Writing it is an act of faith. I’m using my time and talent on something that looks like will never come to pass.

I love that book and what it mean when I’m finished, but I’ve come to such a stand still on it. It’s very hard to write it because I’m writing about something that hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve been thinking about maybe splitting the books up. I’m thinking about going for a completed book now. What if I wrote a book about what it’s like to love God while still living in the “Not Yet.” It would be a book about Miles and knowing that my God is a healer, and trying to be faithful in the “little” while I’m waiting for “much.” It would talk about what we’ve done to get him healed, what people have done for us during this hard time, how we’ve continued life with the great conflict, what it’s like to balance a special needs child and still live life. Does that make sense?

Also, I’ve thought about doing a lighthearted book that would be parables or devotions using funny stories or teaching moments that I’ve done with my kids. I really like this idea and I could see it going somewhere. The only problem that I can see with this is that it’s a little more lighthearted than I am right now.

Feedback please. I’m ready to take on this winter with writing furry. I’ve been given several books lately about healing and such, and nothing feeds me. None of it’s comforting. I like the idea of writing the “Not Yet” book because there are so many people that could use encouragement right now. There are people that need encouragement during their trial without a lecture.

What do you think? What book would you like to read? What is the book that sounds like the right one to work on at this time? What is the Lord telling you?


Amanda said...

I really think you should write a book about "Not Yet". So many people are struggling with so many different things in their life it's good to know that others are still believing the Lord for healing or what ever it is they are struggling with. You really are an inspiration to so many people. I could of misread, but it sounded like the "Not Yet" would be a book letting the world how you cope until the healing comes. I for one would love to read that!

Francesca said...

I think that where ever you are in life, you have important things to impart. So since you are in the not yet time, impart what God has taught you in this time. And when Miles is healed you can impart that. I think the family devotion type book would be great too. You are anointed and the messages that are inside of you will be life to others in similar situations. You cannot fail. Whatever you do will be successful and you will be blessed and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents are...

I love the idea of the NOT YET book. I think that book would give lots of parents hope for what they are going though... Of course then you could write the 2nd book after that Miles is completely healed.

Truth is what ever type book you write it will be awesome and it will bring truth and healing to whom ever reads it.

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