Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies...Yep!

I’m not going to mention any names, but when I saw the cover for this audio book I did think of a couple people I know. Since, I’m writing a book and my formal training for writing a book is zilch I thought this would probably be a good thing to listen to.

Someday I’m going to give you an actual Book Review, but I guess I only have time these days for Book Cover Reviews. Look how funny the back cover of this book is.

When writing a “Dear John” letter, do you fret over whether to hyphenate “chronic halitosis”? Have you gotten into trouble misusing who or whom, or worse, lie and lay? And where does the %#@* comma go anyway?
Here’s some good news for everyone who’s ever been bullied into believing they can’t speak their own language: The grammar snobs are bluffing. Half the “rules” they use to humble others are really just judgment calls and the rest they don’t even understand themselves. Learn the truth of basic grammar and punctuation in chapters like:
*I’m Writing This While Naked-The Oh-So Steamy Predicate Nominative
*I’ll Take ‘I Feel Like a Moran” for $200, Alex- When to Put Punctuation Inside Quotation Marks
*Snobbery Up with Which You Should Not Put-Prepositions

In this collection of hilarious anecdotes and essays, Casagrande delivers practical language lessons not found anywhere else, demystifying the subject and taking it back from the snobs.

(Me Again) It’s 5.5 hours of Grammar Lessons. I’m going to put it on my iPod and see if I get any smarter. If it doesn’t fry my brain then I’ll let you know what I think.


Francesca said...

I will name names: Pam, Erica, and Billy are just three off the top of my head. They are the bane of my existence. Just kidding, I really do love them, but they can be meanies!! And no one better comment of the misspellings and grammar mistakes in this comment.

Pamelotta said...

Well, if you think I need that book then let me remind you that Christmas is right around the corner!

I'm just sayin.

[and yes, I meant to leave the g off of that word.]

ericaprosser said...

Hee hee hee hee hee! Ha ha ha ha ha! Bring it on- I've been called worse. I wonder if this book can be downloaded to my iPhone..... love to keep it as a reference!

High in Demand said...

Hey Pam, ya wanna borrow it?