Friday, February 26, 2010


We're still in the hospital. It's strange being here for something other than pneumonia. (Although he does still have pneumonia.)

We're here because Miles is having trouble with his bladder. He's actually been having trouble with his bladder, but I just haven't been noticing. There's so many other issues to notice that this one has been going under my radar.

Last week he was in a lot of pain and his stomach was rock hard and bloated. I thought it was his usual constipation issue, but it wasn't. The poor kid hadn't peed in almost a week! Can you believe it? I was so focused on him not pooping that I didn't notice he wasn't peeing. The thing is that his diapers were wet sometimes, but it was just the liquid from ALL the enemas. (I'll try to spare some of the gory details.)

So, we've been here since Tuesday and we still don't know specific answers yet. We're waiting to be able to do a scan on his bladder. They want to put in a catheter, shoot dye through it and watch a live feed of the inside of his bladder to check how large the bladder is, if it's agitated and hopefully see how he urinates. The CT scan of his bladder shows an enlarged bladder. This could be that for a period of time he's not been emptying his bladder completely and has stretched it out.

We can't do the scan yet because the x-ray shows that he still has the 30 ounces of dye they pumped into him on Tuesday. The old dye has to be gone so they can use the new dye to highlight other things. His body takes a long time to get rid of things, which is why we're here in the fist place, so it's taking longer than usual to be able to get the test done.

After the testing and results it's probable that we will have to start seeing a Pediatric Urologist.

Here's the cruddy possibilities that I'm hoping will never come to pass:

1. (several people have mentioned this today) We might just have to catheterize Miles every 4 hours so he will empty his bladder. REALLY? I mean REALLY? Can you imagine? Then I heard that most people that have to catheterized routinely develop an allergic reaction to latex. It would be such a pain for Miles to be allergic to latex. Plus you have to be so careful that you don't spread infect this way. As our pediatrician put it today, "It's easy to get infections because you're constantly putting something in an area that's not suppose to have something in it."

2. You know what? I typed out the number 2 possibility and I hated it so much that I deleted it all. I don't want number 2.

3. I'm not totally against this one: There is a medication that the Dr. took Miles off of today that he thought could be causing some of the trouble. Do you remember the snot picture from the other day?
Yeah that picture. The medicine that's been dropped is the one that usually prevents other pictures like this. It really does work great. I know that the picture makes it look like the medicine doesn't work, but the thing is that a year ago he looked like that a lot! Now that he's on the medicine it only happens rarely. Without the medicine I'm not sure how the snot factory will be controlled.

Anyway, that's what's going on in room 3213.

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