Tuesday, February 16, 2010


O Happy Day!!!!

Man, what I’m excited about may not excite you, but I can’t explain what kind of weight was lifted off my shoulders today!

I took Miles to a GREAT DENTIST today! Yes, I’m excited about dentistry.

Here’s the thing. I brush Miles’ teeth daily, but because of his muscle tone and some other issues it’s hard to brush his teeth perfect. He clinches his jaw most of the time so it’s hard to get to the back of his teeth and behind his teeth. I noticed some build up behind his teeth, but sometimes it’s impossible to get. I can’t force his jaws open. Plus, he’s like a snapping turtle. If he clamps down he doesn’t know that he needs to let go.

I’ve taken him for a couple of check ups before, but the dentist just never seemed to care enough to really do anything for Miles. She moved his lips, looked at his front teeth, said “Good Job Mom” and sent us on our way. (Does anyone remember my horror story about Spencer’s 2 bottom teeth and the dentist?) Same dentist. Don’t ask me to repeat the story. I’ve tried to block it out. :)

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I called our pediatrician and the neurologist in Ft. Worth for a special needs dentist recommendation. I didn’t get any advice from them at all.

Well, in the mail I got a postcard from Abilene Pediatric Dental.

I called them and talked to a wonderful woman on the phone. I explained to the receptionist my concerns about Miles and she assured me that Dr. Hamilton would know just what to do with him. She said that he’s the only Pediatric Dentist in Abilene. SHE GOT ME IN THE NEXT WEEK! For a check-up! I was impressed by that!

Today was the appointment and the place looks amazing! It’ really nice in there! When the child lays on the chair they have a big screen tv on the ceiling where the kids can watch cartoons! Miles didn’t watch the cartoons, but other kids would love that! The nurses were great!

Most important…Dr. Hamilton was so good with Miles! He cleaned his teeth. He talked to Miles. He answered all my questions. He listened to me! He’s also ordering me an appliance that will help me clean Miles’ teeth…FOR NO CHARGE!!! He said that he’s going to order me this sponge stick that I can put in Miles’ mouth to hold it open so I can get to his back teeth…and so he can’t bite me! I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Also, um, well, the doctor happens to look like McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy!

AnyWHo! I don’t care what he looks like! He was awesome to Miles and I today! He wants to see Miles every 3 months to keep up with his dental care. Kids with cerebral palsy have a lot of dental issues. Miles’ doesn’t ever use his teeth so they don’t grow the same way ours does. His back teeth are in, but they barely come above the gum because he doesn’t use them. Also, with all his medications that can effect his teeth.

In a few months (when his lungs are healthier) we’re going to put him under anesthesia to get full dental x-rays to check on his teeth growth and give him a good cleaning while his mouth can be opened and relaxed. Right now he doesn’t have any cavities, which I’m so thankful for!

The whole experience this morning felt like a gift from the Lord! I literally felt like crying for joy when I left there. I’ve seen kids and teenagers with cerebral palsy who have terrible teeth! It’s so sad! I feel like I’ve found the perfect dentist for Miles that will do the very best for him! The Lord has been so faithful to us over and over to make sure we have the best care for Miles. God’s faithfulness is overwhelming to my heart!

Randy Hamilton lll, DMD
Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
4741 Buffalo Gap Rd.
Abilene, TX 79606


Did I mention he looked like McSteamy?


Garcia House said...

OMG!!! that is so awesome. God is good all the time... I am so glad you found someone like him...

God's Warrior Bride said...

What an uplifting story to read about first thing this morning. I am constantly amazed at how the Father takes care of not only the big things in life but also the small. You have lifted my spirits today.

BTW, I am so not into dentists, but I was wondering if Dr. McDreamy takes adults. He sure is easy on the eyes, can only imagine how he is with the teeth!!!! LOL

High in Demand said...

Wendy, he only does kids. If he did adults I might be talked into flossing more often!


DAD GUM.............wow. All i can say is WOW ..very nice......I need toborrow someones child so i can get into see Mr.McDreamy

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Rachel said...

I'm so excited for you and for Miles! I might have to take Evan there. . . he doesn't even want us to say the D-word after his last experience!! I'm praying for you today!