Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My SEVENTEEN magazine is selling today on Ebay. It's from June 1947. Can you believe that? Anyway, I just LOVE this magazine. It's so neat to see all the ads from that time. The whole thing is glamours. I have to say goodbye to it today so I wanted to post a few of the pictures on here so I can come back and look at the pictures. The pictures don't really do it justice but you can get the picture. So far I've got a bid on it for $25 plus $7 shipping. Considering that it only cost 15 cents way back in the day I'm pleased with the sale.


High in Demand said...

I'm feeling better about selling it because it's going all the way to JAPAN!!!! From the address details that were given I think it was bought at some fashion place. I'm pretty sure it's going to someone in the Silk Department. Anyway, that makes it seem so cool!

Amanda said...

That is really cool! Japan, wow. So interesting. Did the magazine only have ads or were there stories like there are now?