Monday, February 08, 2010

Rough Day

My chest feels like I just can't seem to breathe enough air.

Miles is so sick.

I've got a couple of hours to shower, mail some ebay stuff at the post office, grab some groceries and then...take Miles back to the doctor. I'm not expecting to come back home. I'm pretty sure he will be admitted. I took him to the doctor last Monday and he narrowly escaped being put in the hospital. Today he's worse and blood is coming out of his nose and mouth, and I don't mean a little. I'm pretty calm when it comes to this stuff and last night I felt light headed because all of the blood Randy suctioned out of his nose and mouth. It was so freaky. Then because of all the stress to his body Miles ended up having several seizures. I just had to hold my bloody boy with his shaking body and tell him that I was there with him and that I love him.

I'm trying to run all my errands so I can be free to do what I need to with Miles.

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Pastor Travis & Jessica said...

We are praying for the entire Wilson family! We LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!! Healing over Miles and peace over your entire family!