Monday, February 01, 2010

What we're up to...

It’s 7:34 in the evening. The kids have done their home work. Dinner has been eaten. We had fish, green beans and corn. Then I made a chocolaty dessert which hasn’t been eaten yet. Well, not eaten by everyone yet. Randy and I may or may not have already had our fair share while it’s been cooling.

Here’s what we’re doing now.

The girls are in the shower. They’ve actually been in there for a long time. They’re screaming and making up songs. They left the door open so I can hear them being really silly. Randy was about to get on to them so they would hurry and get out, but we both decided that they really aren’t doing anything wrong. They’re just being silly sisters. Eventually they will come out and get their pj’s on and then badger us for their dessert.

Spencer is sick. When I picked him up from school today he was in tears by the time we got to the car. He has a temp of 100. He’s been laying down in my bed all afternoon. He hardly ever gets sick, but when he does he likes to have sympathy. Randy and I sang to him and Randy prayed over him. He’s using my pillow right now. I don’t really like sharing my pillow, but who could deny the little redhead a pillow?

Joey is in his room messing around on his computer. He’s really been into graphic design. He’s been making the coolest things. Pretty soon he’s going to have to start practicing his tuba. Bum bum Bum bum Bum bum Bum.

Randy’s working on paperwork for his business. Also, he’s got Miles sitting beside him in the crook of his arm. That’s their evening position. Miles loves sitting there. Those two are quite the pair. They’re snuggle buddies for sure.

And me…Well, besides writing this I’m checking My Ebay repeatedly. I’m selling a few high dollar items so I keep checking if anyone else is bidding on them. I’ve really enjoyed my new Ebay business. The money I make is mine. It’s my fun money. That excites me. I’ve been a regular at the post office lately. Today I mailed off five things. I mailed things to: Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Nebraska and California.

And that’s what the Wilson’s are doing right now.

This is a picture of me, Jocie & Melody from last week when it was Jocie's birthday. We were going out for a Girl's Day Out.

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