Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pricey Polish

I was browsing a little bit on my lunch break at H-E-B. I stopped and looked at the nail polish. I found a great color by OPI. It's called Mad as a Hatter. It's from the new Alice in Wonderland collection. I even tried it on my thumb. I was sold on the item UNTIL I made a shocking discovery! The small bottle of polish was selling for $7.99 a bottle! It was a .5 ounce bottle, which is a regular size, but still! You ready for the Whopper? That makes that nail polish $15.98 an ounce. I let them keep their Mad as a Hatter.

The only problem is that I keep noticing it on my thumb and I really like it. I'll keep you updated on if I cave in and buy it.


High in Demand said...

Update...I don't have the polish yet but I will.

HEB ran out of them, but ebay had some! I'm pumped! Randy bought it for me because...he's the sweetest!

Isn't that right Randy?

Amanda said...

That is super sweet of Randy!! Was it cheaper on ebay though?