Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Got An Email Today!

Julia C. Loren
Tharseo Publishing & Editorial Services
215 Lake Blvd., Suite 515, Redding , CA 96003


I am pleased to announce that you are one of the winners of the Tharseo Publishing Divine Intervention story contest. You can direct all of your friends and family to see the formal announcement on

Contest winners will receive:
First place - $100 + publication & 5 copies of the published book
Second place - $50 + publication & 5 copies
Third place - $25 + publication & 5 copies
Runners Up – publication & 5 copies
In the next week, you should receive an email or a letter containing a form that gives Tharseo the right to use your story in the Divine Intervention book series. By signing this form you give us the right to publish your story. In effect, we are “purchasing” the right to use your story through the forum of this contest. Also, please note that in the event that Tharseo Publishing decides to sell the book publication rights to another publisher such as Destiny Image, Regal Books or Charisma House, you may be asked to sign another form giving them the right to publish your story.

Once you sign and return the form, Tharseo Publishing will send out your first, second or third place checks or, for all contest winners and runners up, the promise of 5 copies. Please be patient with the process of seeing your name and story in print. It takes time to collect the stories, edit them, format them for printing and printing the books. The first book is expected to be published within a year…hopefully, sooner.

The review committee specifically looked for the following as they chose the contest winners:
1) A well-defined moment of divine intervention
2) An emotional connection to the person’s story
3) A clear point / message that the reader can take away from the story
4) Quality of writing

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

Be Blessed!
Thank you for sharing your story and increasing the faith of readers around the world!

Julia C. Loren

Tharseo Publishing is pleased to announce the following Divine Intervention story contest winners:

1st Place –
Tanya Snoddy ( Baton Rouge , LA ) for “Nurses from Heaven”
– Two nurses arrive to assist a woman who is caring for her sister at home but after a morning full of unusual events, the regular nurse shows up and the woman realizes the earthly agency never sent the miracle-working pair.

2nd Place:
Don Collins ( Redding , CA ) for “Far From Home”
– A man passing through Germany on a train sees his name with a specific message written on a wall in Germany, and realizes that God not only knows his name, He displays it in such a way as to reignite his faith.

3rd Place:
Tom Hovsepian ( Palm Desert , CA ) for “Sentinels v. the Syndicate”
– A minister who is repeatedly threatened by drug dealers moves from anxiety to faith to hosting a revival after a man points out the angels surrounding the minister’s house.

Runners Up:

Family Encounters with God:
Brandi Wilson ( Abilene , TX ) for “Even the Winds Obey Him”
– A boy’s answer to an unusual prayer inspires faith in his family.

Life-Changing Spiritual Experiences:
Phyllis Phauvre ( Ontario , Canada ) for “Ordinary People; Extraordinary Healing”
– A woman ventures to her local healing rooms and receives more spiritual power than she bargained for from ordinary people; resulting in total emotional and physical healing.

Travelers’ Tales:
Gail Collins ( Houston , TX ) for “A Spanish Lullaby”
– A couple experiencing a rocky patch in their marriage renews their commitment after an audible voice tells a woman to wake up her husband who has just fallen asleep at the wheel while driving in Spain.

Angels on Assignment:
Carole Wyatt ( Clay City , IN) for “Angels in the Garden”
– A grandmother with a disheveled garden asks her neighbor for assistance before company arrives but before he comes over to help, a mystery crew suddenly appears, accomplishes a day’s work in record time, and vanishes without a trace.


ericaprosser said...

Congratulations Brandi! I can't believe I'm the first one to see this! Yay for you!

Francesca said...

SHUT UP!!! You didn't even call me. I am soooo excited. But this is just the first of many.

Pamelotta said...

WooHoo! Yeah Brandi. Here's a little cheer I want to do just for you...

Give me a B-b
Give me an R-r
Give me an A-a
Give me an N-n
Give me a D-d
Give me an I-i
What's that spell?

Please note: This will not be repeated in person. It is an internet cheer only and will not be done out loud. You may read it out loud or have your kids cheer it to you, but I repeat, I will not be doing this cheer in person.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...


I really think if you were a true friend you would do this in person. Brandi, I would be happy to perform a cheer or some other equally embarrassing feat in honor of this momentous occasion- I can do Pam's cheer or we can discuss others.



Aaron & Rachel said...

A HUGE CONGRATS to you!! WOW!! That's awesome!! I'm so excited for you and like Francesca said, I know this is only the beginning!!!

Start World Hunger said...

Yeah Brandi! You're my hero! Is this the story about the tree in your yard? The one about Spencer praying that he could climb it?

High in Demand said...

Cherith, Yes, it's that story.
I'm ssssooooooooo Excited!


mccobbey said...

Congratulations, Brandi. That is amazing! Now you can write about how God has answered your prayer to be a published writer! I'm so happy for you!