Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paper & Pencils & Pens Oh My!!

Today I got a letter in the mail from the kid’s school. I was so happy to open it. I was sure that it had their school supply list in it. Since I will have three children in school this year I was thinking just the other day that I needed the list so I could begin shopping. I hate waiting to shop for supplies at the last minute. Plus, school supply shopping has always been one of my favorite things to do. (For me or for others.)
I ripped open the letter and it did have their supply list in it. I began to read over the tuition letter then I scanned the supply list. The more I looked at it the more panicked I became. I started adding up things in my head and I began to feel overwhelmed. In tuition alone we will be paying $700 a month. Then we have books to pay for and enrollment fees. Then on top of that we have to buy school supplies for each child. Then add new clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, backpacks and lunch boxes.
My lovely idea of compiling the lists and making a master list of supplies was squelched by fear. Fear of What If’s. What if we can’t afford all this? But, here’s the reality. Of course we will be able to afford it. The Lord always takes care of us. He always provides for us. We have everything we need and a lot of what we want. For example: Just a couple of weeks ago Randy felt like he was supposed to get new quotes for our car insurance. We’ve used Progressive for years. We paid $150 a month. Well, this new company that we’re using gave us a quote for only $50 a month. That’s $100 of Jocie’s tuition paid for! Another example: Randy needed $10,000 recently to begin building his first house. Randy called a business that he works with a lot (just for regular business) and they told him that they had some extra money in their business that they needed to get out of it. They offered to loan him the $10,000 so he could begin building his house.
If I sat here long enough I could think of hundreds of examples when the Lord took care of us financially. That was just this month examples. My point is that I don’t have one single reason to be concerned about money. We always have what we need. We always do. I’m thankful for that.
Hey, do any of you (that don’t have school age kids) want to sponsor a child? If you buy their supplies then I will send you a school picture. (Hey, can you buy those too?) Also, I can keep you posted on grades and school programs. 100% of your donation will go to supplies.
I'm just kidding about you being a sponsor. (That is unless you really want to.) My point is that God is so good! He's so faithful to take great care of us. I hate that I still even have moments of doubt. It's ridiculous!

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Aaron & Rachel said...

You're right!! I got Payton's letter today, too, and I got overwhelmed that tuition was going to be $20 more than they said it was going to be. But, I quickly realized it was only $20 and every penny that goes to that school is worth it!! I was glad Payton's list looked better than it did last year for some reason. And, you're right. . . God will provide -- He always does. School supply lists and school tuition is just like a penny for Him!!