Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I lost 3 pounds last week! Yea! Okay, 18 more to go before my birthday! Yesterday when I was working out I kept going after my required time. Sweat was literally dripping off my head and stinging my eyes. I was pushing to keep going. When I would decide to stop I just kept thinking that every second that I went past my goal I was taking more ground from the enemy. I was warring for change. It felt so good! I took off my headphones and you could have wrung the sweat out of them. It was gross and totally cool at the same time. I was out of breath and my legs were wobbling, but I loved it! I’m so excited about my repentance.
Our trip is still on Becky!


Francesca said...

Way to go Brandi, way to go!! (clap, clap)

Way to go Brandi, way to go!!
(clap, clap)

Picture me doing this as a cheer!!

Pamelotta said...


Picture me sitting at my computer. I tried out for cheerleading once and it was a disaster. I'm surprised it didn't come out in theophostics.

You're doing great, Brandi!

Pamelotta said...

By the way, doesn't the saying go, "Whatever is said in blogville, stays in blogville?" That cheerleading stuff is new information and I would appreciate it being kept on the down low, if you know what I mean.


YEAH Brandi!

I am strarting a diet this week SO if you need some one to walk with I'm just a few streets away and would love to go any evening.

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