Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hey, does anyone want to come spend a few hours at my house tomorrow and babysit so Becky and I can leave town earlier? DON'T STOP READING YET...

If you can at noon (or whatever time you could come) you will only have to watch my girls. Christy will be here taking care of Miles, and the boys will be at camp. It would only be until 4:15 when Randy came home with the boys. You will have to watch Miles from 3:45-4:15, but that won't be hard. He won't need anything.

If you come:
*You can eat my food.
*Bring your kids.
*Watch my SkyAngel.
*Take a nap on my bed.
*Your kids could play on the playhouse.
*You could rummage through my drawers.
*You could steal spare change.
*You could read my diary. (not really)
*You could play on the computer.
*You could hang out with Christy. She's cool. Miles likes her.

So, any takers? If you do this it will add HOURS to our trip! Hours matter!


High in Demand said...

Sorry to all the applicants. The position has been filled. It was a desired postion so it only took 3 minutes for it to fill. Maybe next time. Please don't be discouraged.

ericaprosser said...

you guys are going out of town?

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

WOW- let me know next time, the perks are amazing. I am glad it was filled so easily- a little jealous - but tomorrow is my anniversary and Joel and I are going to Fort Worth for the day too. I hope you have a blessed and amazing time, rubbing each others feet or side hugging, whatever gets you all warm and fuzzy. I am ready to plan a date with you too!
I kinda got it pretty bad for you right now. ( Especially after my starbucks this morning,hehe). Sorta feel like hey wait a minute she is mine. Kinda elementary, ; ) smooches

High in Demand said...

I'm glad I'm so loved! Trish, we will have to go on a date soon! We have lots to celebrate.
You, Joey, Me, Becky, Pam & Jennifer are all going to be in Ft. Worth today or tomorrow. That's amazing!
Happy Anniversary!