Monday, July 23, 2007

New Adventures

Lots of things are going on around here. There are many topics to discuss today.
• Secret Sister: WOW! I had the best secret sister this time! I was so surprised! I had no idea that it was Julie. (Who, by the way told me that she read my blog every day to check for what was going on in my life so she would know how to pray!) I asked her why she never commented and she said it was because I would have figured out who she was. SO, now that the secret sister semester is over you are now officially welcomed to the blog and invited to freely comment. Julie blessed me the entire time! She told me that I was hard to shop for…that surprises me. I mean if you were to see the information sheet that I filled out you would have no problems knowing things that I like and don’t like. I made myself plain! She must have read it carefully because everything she bought me I loved. Thank you Julie for being so sweet to me! Now I’ve got to fill out my new secret sister sheet. It’s so fun! I love presents! And, I love blessing the Secret Sister that I have!
• Randy’s work: Okay, starting Monday (today) begins a new season in our lives! Randy’s Straight Path Remodeling Inc. is now Randy Wilson Custom Homes!!!! He’s been in business for himself for over five years now. He’s been buying houses, fixing them up and selling them for over four years now, and finally starting this week his dream of being a house builder will come true! This is super duper amazing on every level! He’s built houses in his head about 10,000 times, but now he will get to really do it. He’s got the loan in order, he’s got the blue prints, he’s got every detail on paper, he’s got sub contractors in mind, he’s bought his land, and now he’s waiting for the loan to close on Thursday at 2:00 so he can get busy. Last Friday was his guys last day to work. Today is the first time in years that he doesn’t have employees. (I wonder what time he’ll wake up.) I’m just kidding. He has busy plans for tying up loose ends. This is such a huge step for Randy! It’s been his desire for so long to build houses and this week he will be able to begin! His last day working for someone (5 years ago) was the day that I had Jocie, our third child! He began his remodeling job at the time. For a solid year he had jobs to do. People called all the time. I don’t know how most of those people got his number, but work was steady. Then the day I brought home Melody (4 years ago) from the hospital was the day he began to flip houses. When it came time to flip houses no mare calls came in for remodeling. It was amazing! Not one phone call! He just began flipping houses. From that day on he had houses to buy or even multiple houses waiting to be remodeled. Now that it’s time for him to begin to build he doesn’t have any more homes to flip! Friday he and his guys finished up his last house. The pattern gives us confidence that this is the way the Lord works things out for us. I’m so excited! Everything is falling into place. Randy and I have been over whelmed as we think about how God takes care of us. We’ve been talking about how it would be ridiculous to question if the Lord was going to help us out on this transition or not. We’ve been dwelling on how favored we are. The Lord loves us so much, and he has his hand on everything we do. We just can’t lose. God is overwhelmingly generous to us. We’re very thankful! I love watching him work his perfect plans! He’s so faithful to us. So, we’re excited!!!! My husband is a home builder now! Wow!
• My diet: Okay, so like I’ve said, I’m back on the wagon. I’m feeling so good! I have a short short time goal (This Thursday, you’ll read about it in a minute.) And then I have another short term goal, which is my birthday in late September to loose 21 pounds. Then, I have a year long goal of getting the rest of the weight off. I haven’t had a coke or any caffeine in a week! That’s amazing for me. I got an awesome revelation for myself when I got out of the shower the other day. This may not be a shocker for you, but it was to me. I realized that soda was not intended for daily use. When it was made it was a treat. I grew up with a ton of soda in my refrigerator, and I treated it like it was something to drink with every meal. When I was dieting in the past I would switch to diet soda. I just realized that the Lord made water for us to drink. So, I’ve been drinking water. Well, water and a margarita. I’m trying to keep it simple.  I’m drinking water, exercising, eating healthy and taking my weight loss medication that I’ve neglected for a really long time. I’m really excited. I feel like I’m going to be successful. There’s not one good thing about being over weight. And, since I have all the power of heaven to overcome this then there’s no reason I should fail. I was talking to Randy yesterday and he said something so important! He was talking about Alan Vincent’s son named Duncan. Randy heard him speak at a men’s BFW one time. Duncan was talking about this one sin that he struggled with for a very long time, and he finally overcame it. Now he can say to the Devil, “You have nothing on me!” That’s what I feel like in the area of my weight! I’ve overcome so many things. I’ve over came lots of habitual sins and fleshly desires, but this one of over eating has been a thorn in my flesh. I’m so excited to get done with it. I feel like when I’m done with losing all this weight that I will be able to say to the devil that he has nothing on me. Even while I’m working on losing weight I’m victorious! Everyday I get to take more ground back from the enemy! I’ve been working out and as I do it I ask the Lord to make my body respond to the new changes a 100 fold. I feel like he’s doing it. This time is different. I have more than cute clothes in mind. I have repentance in mind. I have determination to please my Lord. As I work out I claim the promise over myself that I’m more than an over comer. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
• Becky and I are going away: This Thursday Becky and I are going for a little R&R. We’re heading to Arlington for a relaxing getaway. I think we’re going to Six Flags while we’re there. Randy found an awesome coupon on the Six Flags website where anyone with a season pass (I have one) can take a friend for only $9.99. The hotel that we’re staying at is only 1 mile from Six Flags and they have a trolley that will take us there in the morning for free. That sounds pretty fun. I’m not a huge fan of scary rides so we’ll see how that goes. The hotel has a pool outside so even if we just sit by the pool all weekend and do nothing I would be content. Here’s the catch. Like I said earlier I’m back on the wagon with my diet! When I told Randy that Becky and I wanted to go some where for the weekend he told me that I would have to stick to my diet everyday, workout everyday (besides Sunday) and take my medicine everyday until the trip or I can’t go! This is his way of supporting me…bribing me. Hey, it works for me! So, I’ve done SO great! I have 4 more days of staying on track. Please support me in this. Of course I think I’ll do fine, but my hotel reservations are non refundable! If I can’t go then I will have wasted that money for nothing! I’m excited about this because I feel like I’m on track again. I really want to stick to my diet as best as I can while I’m out of town because I have a long way to go and starting over is the worst! I’m bored with that. So, this weekend will be very fun. We’ll have to wait and see what we do. I don’t really care. Becky and I can have a blast doing nothing at all. We’re both fun girls. I’m very thankful for our friendship! Thursday, come quickly!!!!


Pamelotta said...

I'll be at Six Flags on Thursday with my sister, her daughter and John. Maybe we'll run into you! Let me know if you plan on closing down any restaurants and need someone else to help you with a pitcher! I'll meet you!

A life I live... said...

Brandi...I can't tell you how excited I am to get you all to myself for three whole days. You bring my soul and spirit such joy and refreshing. Oh, Thursday come quickly!!!

I wonder if we could meet Pam on Thursday night??!! Pam...we need to talk about this and see what we can come up with!!

Pamelotta said...

Are you sure? You know what they say about three's a crowd. I don't want to come between the special thing you have planned with Brandi!

JUST KIDDING!!! I will totally see if I can meet up with you guys. I wouldn't miss it. In fact, I don't even feel bad that I practically invited myself! Age does that!

daughter of troops said...

Hey Brandi, it's Rhonda from Stor & Lok. I've never commented on any of the KLF blogs, but I do read and enjoy them. You are so encouraging and I have found hope and strength many times in your blogs. I am so moved by your great love and compassion for God! I struggle with weight and the Lord gave me a scripture that I want to share with you. In Duet. 25:15 "You shall have a perfect and just weight, a perfect and just measure that your days may be lengthened in the land which the Lord your God has given you."
I agree with you that you cannot fail.

High in Demand said...

Rhonda! WOW! That scripture just totally rocked me! That was perfect! Thank you for sharing that with me!
I'm glad you commented. You're so sweet! I'm glad your encouraged!

Kevin said...

Man, how exciting.

I cannot wait to have a Randy Wilson Custom Home Someday!

Hopefully he will build in Wisconsin, otherwise, I will need a small (mansion) vacation home in Clyde, America! (why would I want one anywhere else!)

High in Demand said...

Kevin, Randy would be happy to build you a mini mansion in Clyde. He'll get right on it when you say the word!