Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sharon Update

Today I got a quick phone call from Shirley (my mother in law) telling me that I was about to get a visit from Sharon (Randy's oldest sister) and her friend. Remember Shirley lives just two doors down. I was still on the phone with Shirley when my doorbell rang and my door opened. Sharon and her friend came right in. Sharon had decided to give her friend a tour of my house. She walked in like she owned the place and began to show her friend my house as I just kind of stared at her in wonderment. You see, my husband was at the funeral home earlier this week to get funeral estimates for his older brother. Earlier this week the plans seemed necessary, but this morning with her running around my home it seemed utterly ridiculous. Anyone that saw her pointing out pictures and hugging my kids would have questioned Randy’s motive for looking at caskets on Monday. She didn’t get to stay long because she and her friend were off to the coffee shop.
When she left my mother in law called me to see if she could come over and talk. I told her to come on over. We sat on my couch and Shirley laughed and cried. She said this week has been so emotionally draining. This morning she was crying on the phone as she talked to Randy on the phone. She was crying because her oldest daughter was dying and she was planning her funeral. As she was talking about the funeral her oldest daughter rang her doorbell and busted through the door unannounced. Sharon hung out at her house for a few minutes then left because she had other things to do. Shirley couldn’t believe her eyes. She’s been taking care of Sharon, who couldn’t get up to do anything on her own. Today she was up and going to the coffee house. Shirley didn’t know what to think about the whole thing. She was totally shocked. I have to openly admit that I was a little freaked out myself.
Later today I was just running errands and I was thinking about how strange Sharon’s behavior was today. I mean one day she can’t even sit in a chair comfortably, then the next day (yesterday) she was out walking to stores around her neighborhood, then today she was out visiting family and having coffee with a friend. As I was pondering all this all the sudden I heard, “Why are you so surprised? What have you been asking me for?” Oh my goodness! Call me slow, but I hadn’t even thought of her walking around and doing stuff as a good thing. I hadn’t even realized that the Lord was at work. I thought that Sharon was being freaky. I didn’t think about how much of a miracle it was that she was up and around town. Well, I had to tell the Lord I was sorry for not noticing! I felt so blinded! I know it seems totally silly!
This evening I was explaining my revelation to Randy about how God was the one that allowed her to do those things. You know what he said? With a smug look on his face he said, “Uh, I wasn’t surprised.” I love it!
Okay, so our prayer tonight was that Sharon would continue to get stronger and healthier daily! We prayed that she would be completely cancer free. We prayed that God would heal her mind as he heals her body.
What a testimony! Her family was planning her funeral and her God was restoring her body! Being a lover of God is so exciting!


Amanda said...

OK you really should put up a warning that crying will happen when this post is read! I have mascara running down my face while I'm at work! Not very pretty but who cares! Our God is the best!!! Yay for Sharon and Yay for God!

A-lauf said...

I am not surprised either