Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm excited about this Post! You MUST comment if you read this!

Last night we as Randy and I were going to bed we were talking about Miles and how much we love him. We were talking about which would be better: For Jesus to heal Miles instantly all at once or if for the next year he progressively got better. Both ways would be so awesome. Last night I said that I wouldn’t be able to pick which one that I would like best. Before we went to sleep I remembered that Ashlee B. and Kevin have been having some awesome dreams. I told Randy about it, and then we prayed that the Holy Spirit would give us dreams about Miles healing so that we could be in agreement and be encouraged.
I dreamed about Miles healing all night long! I’ve only had about two other nights that I dreamed Miles was healed, but it always was like it just happened. The dreamed I had last night were amazing and the common denominator was that it all happened corporately. It all happened with our church body around.

The first dream: Bryan and Becky told me that they wanted to talk to me and show me a video. While Bryan was getting the video reading Becky was asking me how I liked Miles being in a class with other kids. I told her that I hated it because all the other kids are normal and it was depressing to pick him up from there and see all the things that Miles wasn’t doing.
Then Bryan turned on the video and it was filmed in the class that Miles was in. Bryan was in there with a bunch of 3 or 4 year olds and Miles was in there in his wheelchair. Bryan was prophesying over them that they were world changers now! Then he asked the kids if they had anything that they wanted to pray about, and without saying a word these little kids walked over to Miles in his wheelchair, laid their hands on him and started crying out to God. Bryan was just a bystander and in awe of these kids. They were praying on their own.
All the sudden Miles leg moved and it looked like he was about to jump out of the wheelchair. Then the video paused as if it was going to go to a commercial. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest and I looked at Bryan and Becky and then Bryan got a grin on his face and leaned over to me and said, “I have a lot of copies of that video in my car for you!”
Then I woke up! I knew he had been healed but I didn’t get to see all of it. My heart was racing when I woke up! I asked the Lord to continue the dream or to give me a new one.

2nd dream: This dream was as if it was this coming Sunday. The whole church had a “knowing” that the Lord was going to restore Miles completely that day! We didn’t even meet in the Auditorium! We met in the gym so we could have all the room we needed to worship God. Everyone was on the edge of the seat even before anything began. Randy and I were up at the front, and I was holding Miles. I already had tears in my eyes from all the emotion that was in me. There were several of us standing around and I had put Miles in his wheelchair. Francesca had snack size bag of Doritos in her hand. Miles seemed to look toward her like he wanted a chip so she said, “Well, come and get it.” At first he just seemed like he wanted to move but he couldn’t. Then, she told him again to come to her and he did. He jumped out of his wheelchair and massive worship started.

3rd Dream: In this dream he had already been healed but no one knew about it at church or school I can’t tell. We were walking in the halls at church/school and when people would see him they fell on their face and began to worship God. Miles ran off from us (this has never happened with Miles so it was strange for us) He had ran into a classroom. At first the teacher was Dana Bell, but then she turned into Mrs. Brokaw (the kids Kindergarten teacher) Anyway, I said, “This is Miles Wilson.” And Dana/Mrs. Brokaw said, ‘Hello Mil…Miles…MILES WILSON!!!!!” She was shocked and amazed to see him walking in her room. We were all so happy!

4th Dream: This one is pretty interesting and thought provoking! Okay, we were at church, but we were having church outside. There were chairs set up just like at KLF Downtown. Bryan got up and said that he got a word that we were ALL supposed to pee our pants and Miles would be completely restored. He said that the Lord wanted to see how desperate we were. Of course he knew this was embarrassing and he didn’t really want to say it, but he really felt like he heard from the Lord about this. Well, at first a few people got highly angry and said they were not going to do that. Bryan said that it was going to have to be all of us! It would not work if three people did it or if half did it! It had to be everyone! A few people were sitting very grumpy in their seats when I said, “I’ll do it!” Then three other people said that they would do it. Three people ran to the front…I can vividly remember Cindy Garcia getting up in front of everyone and peeing her pants. You could see the pee running down on to the ground. Then this one man that I don’t know came over to Randy and I without saying a word, touched our hands in a loving manner and then went over to pee his pants. It was like he was sacrificing his pride for us. Then I think I remember Doug Horner peeing his pants and then tons of people did it. It was amazing! So there we were a bunch of wet pants congregation, but there were a few people that refused so the Lord did not honor it.
I was not mad. The crowd started to leave a little, but I did not. I refused to go. I don’t know why but I was carrying a Tupperware bowl of water and I was walking around the chairs like they were the walls of Jericho and I was singing praises to God. My voice was so loud and clear and beautiful it sounded like you could have heard it throughout the whole city. I was singing and singing. People around me were having conversations about why we had not seen a miracle, but I just kept walking and singing all by myself. My Mom was crying and holding Miles when someone came over to her and said, ‘The Lord has said not right now because of that Therapy Suit he has on. He just said not right now. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t do it.” I leaned over to that lady and told her that she was talking crap. That was not what the Lord said. It was that we were not unified that we didn’t see Miles walk.
My dream ended with me continuing to walk around the chairs and praise God will singing.

So, what do you make of all that?

I woke up and asked Randy what he had dreamed and he couldn’t remember. I even had a dream that I was talking to Randy about dreams and we had the same ones, but I guess if we did then he couldn’t remember them.

We talked about the Pee Dream a lot this morning. I mean…can you imagine? Would you do it? We were talking about if everyone did pee and then Miles was healed we would dancing and celebrating in a ton of urine! (Not exactly milk and honey!) I told Randy that if that were true that Miles’ nickname would be “Sweet Pea”.

Anyway, I MUST hear what you think of all this!


ericaprosser said...

As I was reading this, I started to get a little weepy-eyed, then when you said we should all pee our pants, I literally laughed out loud! And I thought, "That's something I can do!" I pee my pants when I laugh too hard, and I pee my pants when I hold it too long- and it makes Tim mad.
But it reminded me of the Friends episode where Joey peed on Monica's feet at the beach b/c she got stung by a jellyfish. It worked and her foot felt better, but b/c it was so gross, they decided to keep it a secret. At the end of the show, somebody told a secret on someone else... secrets started flying back & forth, everyone was aghast at being "outted." Then someone shouted, "Well Joey peed on Monica!" Then Joey steps up proudly and says, "That's right! And I'd pee on any one of you too if you needed me!"
So all that to say that I WOULD pee myself for Miles' healing! Count me in! Just tell me when to start drinking up!

Pamelotta said...

I don't have a problem with that either. And it has nothing to do with a lack of pride. It has to do with a lack of bladder control after having 4 kids! I, like Erica, do that on a regular basis. Whenever you think ,"This is the day." let me know and I will drink an extra cup of coffee for it!!!

Brenda M Becker said...

I know those dreams may sound silly or crazy to our intellect, but my spirit leaped at each one. God obviously answered your prayer and gave you dreams. It is so encouraging when God talks to us. He wants to talk with us more and more and more intimately. He loves our reaction to those dreams. It is very possible that God would fulfill one of them. It definitely encourages our faith and hope and knowing that what we know will happen, will really happen. I'm joining with Erica. I'll do anything God says to agree with Miles wellness. I am certainly willing to do a little think like pee my pants (I love the way you put that). You've positioned yourself under God's anointing and His Spirit is being poured out. xoxo

Brenda M Becker said...

Brandi, to answer your question - maybe I already did - anyway - yes I do think I'm going to at least have the double seed planted this year x0x0

Kevin said...

Brandi, the dreams are so exciting. I truly believe God wants to pour out His revelation and intimacy on us more and more. Dreams happens to be one of those ways. I was listenning to something from Bill Johnson recently, and he (bill) said that he learns more sleeping sometimes than he does in three or four days studying and praying. In sleep our spirit man has the ability to go places our natural intellect will not allow our spirit to take us. Hence peeing in our pants for the miraculous. I am with the rest of the gang, I would happily pee myself to see Miles restored to better than ever before!

It would not be the first time God required a humbling act to do away with pride so His miraculous touch could be released!

Keeping asking for Dreams. I go to bed everynight with soaking music now, and as I pray for protection over our home and family, I end with God give me miraculous dreams and let my spirit engage your spirit and your Kingdom!

Francesca said...

I prefer the Dorritos dream, but I would for sure pee my pants for miles. Of for you for that matter. Just let me know when.

Ashlee said...

LOL...I also started reading and got teary eyed, laughed out loud, and got teary eyed again...I would do it...

Monica said...

I would love to pee my pants to help heal Miles! I was excited reading about how God answered your prayers to have dreams. I have been dreaming a lot lately which is unusual for me and I have been asking God what it means...I can't wait to find out!

High in Demand said...

Thank you everyone for saying that you you would pee your pants for me (for Miles). What a great set of friends I have. Great or Gross...either way I love each of you dearly!

A-lauf said...

The dreams were interesting until you got the to pee dream. Then I lost it. I laughed uncontrollably. Not sure what this means. Maybe we won't all have to pee our pants, but if that is what it takes count me in. Wouldn't be the first time. I think maybe it means that sacrifice is unconfortable, sometimes embarrasing.
God made people do some strange things to get there healing, but it wasn't directly linked to getting healing it was to get something else out of the way, pride most of the time. Pride is a sin.
Can you really see doug horner doing that. LOL!!!

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

Well, I peed in my pants just in case cause it looks like I read this way after everybody else. Of course, like Pam, It is pretty easy for me, I was laughing so hard by the end of reading- well I better go now.

A life I live... said...

Our sweat pea!! I love it!! I was a little saddened that I wasn't the first one in your dream to go pee in my pants for Miles. I would without even thinking, I'd pee and do whatever else I had to do to get him healed!!