Wednesday, January 03, 2007

100th POST

This is my 100th post. I thought it should be special. I’ve decided that I will think of 100 things I am thankful for.

1. The grace I have received from Jesus Christ.
2. Randy, who loves me the way I need to be loved.
3. Joey, who is just what a first son should be.
4. Spencer, for his fiery red hair and personality.
5. Jocie, that I can see myself in her.
6. Melody, for how much she loves her Poppa.
7. Miles, for a smile that can stop me from doing anything to watch him.
8. A church body like no other.
9. The best Mother in Law ever.
10. A family that really cares about each other.
11. My beautiful home.
12. My Chi so I can have straight hair.
13. My ability to read and write.
14. Easy and quick dinners.
15. My Grandma Jody’s generosity and clothes shopping skills.
16. Free babysitting.
17. Wednesday morning coffee with Rachel and Krissy.
18. Showers and fancy body scrubs.
19. My gorgeous bedroom furniture.
20. Being an adult.
21. My husband’s successful business.
22. $400 a month entertainment money.
23. People love our family.
24. I have wonderful friends that really know me.
25. I get compliments on my writing.
26. I don’t burn stuff when I cook.
27. My house cleaner comes twice a week.
28. Joey has led two cousins to the Lord.
29. My kids love church and life group.
30. I’m creative.
31. My husband builds stuff for me.
32. Miles has a nurse that is competent and loving.
33. I won the champagne drinking contest on New Years. (only 1 glass)
34. Miles looks so good in his wheelchair.
35. Joey is smart and has a funny sense of humor.
36. My kids love going on dates with me.
37. We don’t have a car payment.
38. Our kids go to the best school with teachers that love Jesus!
39. My kids are healthy.
40. My Mom is still alive.
41. I’m a good teacher.
42. My hardwood floors are indestructible.
43. When something gets broken at my house my husband fixes it.
44. David and Candy do my laundry every week.
45. I have one of the most comfortable beds in the world.
46. My dishwasher and garbage disposal.
47. I actually have time to write this list.
48. The word of God is true.
49. My friends pray for my son all the time.
50. We don’t hardly ever use salt.
51. My scrapbook station that Randy made me.
52. We don’t have or want cable.
53. My husband works hard.
54. I’m great at keeping up with my calendar.
55. Uncle Michael likes hanging out with my kids.
56. I have joy in my heart.
57. Randy and I love people.
58. I’m going to be skinny by my 30th birthday.
59. I have internet in my home.
60. My kids all sleep well.
61. _____________(for me to know only)
62. I never had a miscarriage.
63. I get to go grocery shopping by myself every week.
64. My Mom always makes the kids birthday cakes.
65. I’m going to probably go back to school in the Fall.
66. I’m a little quirky.
67. James 1:2-4
68. A home that can fit a lot of people in it.
69. My kitchen table that Randy made.
70. My homemade cards that Rachel makes for me.
71. Disposable diapers.
72. A busy schedule.
73. Physical Therapist that really care about Miles.
74. Miles’ insurance.
75. My painting project I’ve got going on this afternoon.
76. My friend Holli is coming to town tomorrow.
77. Randy doesn’t ever care what I make for dinner.
78. Indoor plumbing. (Can you imagine?)
79. Godly examples in my life.
80. The future that God has planned for my family.
81. I have five kids and I love it.
82. Jocie’s beautiful hair.
83. I basically get whatever I want.
84. Randy and I get plenty of time together.
85. My house is usually always clean.
86. I have plenty of people to send love mail to.
87. We don’t have any pets.
88. Our family loves the Lord.
89. Next year I will have three kids in school.
90. Hair color.
91. I’ve never been in jail.
92. The Lord is close to me.
93. The weather is cloudy today.
94. Sunday afternoon naps.
95. The occasional Margarita.
96. I enjoy reading.
97. I have good makeup.
98. The Lord healed my broken heart.
99. Our Stockmarket game.
100. I have 100 things to be Thankful for!


A-lauf said...

hmmm. Do i Have 100 things to be thankful for. I am going to try and make 100. Thanks. What a great idea.

ericaprosser said...

This is a great idea and a great way to start the year! We are "Learning to Remember!"

Carolyn said...

You're so fun! I can't believe you're not even 30!!! Not fair-36 is fast approaching(10 days!)
I want you to know that reading this blog is a HUGE encouragement to me-a definate highlight! Even in your "down" moments, you find a way to be positive. That means a lot to me. You keep focused on God's grace gift that each of us have, but sometimes forget because of our "circumstances" And, don't take this wrong, but YOU have "circumstances" that far out-weigh anything I have ever had to experience, and I lose that focus more often than not. Maybe that's part of the reason God entrusted you with Miles-to be an encouragement to me, and others like me(there are some, aren't there?)
Your 100 things list could probably have been longer.....and you are absolutely on MY top 100 list! Thanks for being faithful.