Monday, January 22, 2007

Let This Bring You Joy!

Last night was so wonderful!

Miles laughed for the first time!!!

He has chuckled a time or two in his life, but not because we made him laugh.

Last night he laughed and laughed because Randy was tickling him! We all were laughing and thankful. Randy got Miles to laugh for about 20 minutes! We recorded it on the camcorder. I've been showing it to everyone who comes over. I wish I could post that video on here for you to see.

Last week Miles was happier than he's ever been. This week he began his week with laughter. I'm looking forward to MORE!

Yesterday at church when Cherith was singing a song about Heaven is coming down to Earth. Miles was singing right along with her. It was so beautiful. (And distracting for others) Miles tends to steal the show with his cooing. Anyway, I could see him being filled up yesterday!

Last night when we were all laughing along with Miles, Spencer said, "Let's praise God for this!" So we all began to thank God at the same time that we were laughing and rejoicing. I felt the Lord right there with us joining in the laughter. I felt him so close to us enjoying this special day with us.

I got out his baby book for the first time in so long, and I wrote down the date for his first laugh. By faith I'm keeping his book on my Scrapbook station so I can be reading to write new things in there often. I will keep you posted.

Celebrate With Us!


Ashlee said...

That is so awesome!!! I think it made my day just reading about it. What a blessing -- I can't wait to read more of Miles' milestones...


Ashlee said...

Totally off topic, but I posted an article about soaking in the comment section of my PEACE blog for you. If you have any more questions after reading it let me know. Blessings!!

Pamelotta said...

There definitely was something different about Miles yesterday in church. He was looking around while your mom was holding him, and looking into her eyes and smiling and even looking at me and smiling. What a joy to get to witness! He is so precious!

ericaprosser said...

that's really sweet.
I hope I have a family like yours someday that likes to praise God together.

A-lauf said...

I am in Awe of God's ways!

Kevin said...

We do serve an awesome God!
I agree with Ashlee, and I cannot wait to celebrate more of God's greatness through Miles' milestones.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

I knew he was laughing! I didn't realize it was a new thing for him. I kept looking over at him and thinking he is so happy right now. I am praising God for Miles and your entire family!