Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nap Time

What is it about a nap that is so wonderful?
It’s a luxury for one thing.
It’s so comforting to crawl in your bed in the middle of the afternoon while the rest of the world is working hard.
I love the feel of my covers heavy on my body with the light shining in through the windows.
I feel completely satisfied to know that the door is locked and the kids are sleeping in their beds, and that the boys won’t be home for 1.5 hours or 15 minutes (depends on the day).
What’s better than a baby sleeping?
A toddler sleeping!
What’s better than a toddler sleeping?
A Baby and a Toddler sleeping at the same time!
Oh I love naps!
I love having everything in order and checking out from the world for a few minutes to something as simple as sleeping.
Sometimes I trick myself into getting out of bed in the morning with a quick promise of a nap later.
I will receive no condemnation for my simple pleasure. It’s a treat to myself, and I will enjoy it without shame.
Gotta go…my warm covers are calling.


A life I live... said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! And now you know why I love my naps so much! It's not because I'm lazy, it's just such a treat to my body! And I do trick myself also to get up...if you get up now, you'll get a nap, promise! And it seems I can't get my mind off of that until I become a women of my word. Well...the covers are waiting for me too!! The laundry can wait!! he he

Carolyn said...

A girl after my own heart! I had a forty minute one before I went to get the boys....Lyndsay only does Literature and Spelling on Friday's and she was done @ 10:30 this morning~so we've had a nice relaxing afternoon.
And Sunday afternoon naps are the BEST! Right after lunch (and sometimes instead of) my family knows where I'll be for the next couple of hours! I even make sure everything for life group is done on Saturday so I don't have to miss my nap!
I think I need to go lay down again...............:)

High in Demand said...

I forgot to mention the best nap of all...the Sunday afternoon nap! I love them!