Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A night in the ER

Last night my Mom was really sick. Spencer had been talking to her on the phone when he came to Randy and I and told us that she was really sick. He said that we should pray for her. We did and then went on with our business.
A couple of minutes later I got a call from my Mom and I could barley understand her because she was moaning. It was terrible. My brother Charlie got on the phone and he told me that he was taking her to the ER because she was hurting a lot.
I went up there and she did look horrible. I’ve only seen her look worse than that one time. I’m not going to go into that today.
So, she is fine now! Praise the Lord! She had a terrible stomach bug or something. She just threw up a lot and it was better before she ever saw the doctor. That place was so busy last night. We were there until almost 1:00 a.m. There were people there that had been waiting since noon that day! Can you believe that? She ended up feeling fine at about 12:30 so she decided to just go home.
Well, my post is really about how Randy and I passed the time while waiting with her. (Side note: Randy’s brother Michael stayed at our house so Randy could come up there with me. My brother Charlie ended up leaving.)
So, anyway, Mom got some relief after several hours of waiting and throwing up so she was able to rest a little while.
While she was doing that Randy and I began to listen and watch the people around us. Here’s a few of the funny things that people said.

Funny thing #1 On one of my Mom’s throwing up trips to the bathroom I went with her because she could hardly walk. I was holding the door shut for her when this girl (probably college age) asked me what was wrong with my Mom. I told her that her stomach was cramping. That girl said that hers was too. Then she asked if Mom was throwing up, and I told her yes. She told me that she was too. Then she said, “I’m sorry if it stinks in here. I’ve got diarrhea out the butt.”
I said, “Literally.”
Somberly she shook her head in agreement.
Funny thing #2 Before I went into the bathroom I quickly handed Randy my yellow leather purse. A man sitting beside him said, ‘Don’t feel bad. I’ve got a green one.”

Funny thing #3. A lady and her grandson were getting snacks from the vending machine. When the lady turned around she ran into the little boy and said, “Oh shit, sorry, MeMa hit you with her purse.”
Randy leaned over to me and said, “I think that might be the only time I ever hear the words MeMa and shit in the same sentence!”

Funny thing #4. Then the same lady sent her grandson to the men’s room while she went to the women’s room. The mother of the little boy went after him and said, “Ah, Uh Uh, your grandmother is older than I don’t know what! You can’t go in that bathroom. That mans going to get you. She be trippin’!”

End of the funny things.
Last night was the first time that Randy and I had been to the ER since the night Miles died in his sleep. That whole night is so surreal to me.
As I was sitting in that place for hours last night I thought about how much I hated being there, but at the same time how I would like it to be my hangout to heal the sick. I would love to go there every couple of days and be able to lay my hands on the sick and watch Jesus heal them and transform their lives. I was getting jacked up at thinking about this. I know that my whole family will be used to heal people regularly. I’m telling you that people will be set free at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen it. I’m stirring up the gift that is within me. It’s very exciting.


Pamelotta said...

You always hear the funniest things. I'm going to have to start retaining the things I hear. I just laugh and then they're gone. Aren't lost people funny!

Francesca said...

Come on! If I ever have diarrhea out the butt, I want you to lay your hands on me and pray for my healing.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

Actually, I coud stand a jump start so try to restrain the healing long enough for me to lose a couple of ten pounds- okay?