Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Plan Worked!

I'm so excited! My plan worked! I wanted nice Christmas stocking holders since they started putting Christmas stuff out last July! I have a nice mantel now and I wanted nice stocking holders to go on them, but here's the deal...we have seven people in our family! That's seven stocking holders to buy! Those things add up! Well, early on I decided that I wouldn't get any this year. I decided that I would wait and keep my eye on them after Christmas. Of course this decision didn't stop my hands from running over every stocking holder that I loved all season long!
Well, last week Hobby Lobby had their Christmas stuff 80% off. My stocking holders were there and you would have thought that I had snagged them up then, but NO..I knew this week they would be on sell even more! Today I went and THEY WERE 90% off! I got seven of the most fancy stocking holders I've ever seen! These were not the broken, left over, junky, or mismatched stocking holders! These were the expensive ones that people couldn't afford at full price stocking holders! They were $30 each! I bought them today for $3 each! I saved $189 today! They are so beautiful. They are copper. They are so heavy. These things will last us the rest of our lives. I'm so excited!
Aaron got his firewood (read Aaron's blog). I got my stocking holders. What special treat have you recieved lately?


Kevin said...

That is so exciting. Some people do not believe finding things on sale is a God thing, but I do.

Sounds like he know your desire and worked it out just right!

ericaprosser said...

I received an unreasonably large amount of grace!
Your FIND sounds amazing too!

A-lauf said...

You have got to put them up NOW for next christmas. I burned my wood as soon as I got it. :)

High in Demand said...

Aaron, I guess I could hang backpacks on them or something!